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C & P Exams Conducted By Unqualified Personnel

April 20, 2018
USVCP Staff                    


Veterans being examined by Compensation & Pension medical staff have been seen by unqualified medical personnel, and are not getting the benefits they deserve because of it.


For the very first time, concrete numbers about the diagnosis of serious brain injuries by the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in

Virginia and North Carolina has been scrutinized. The data, which comes straight from the VA itself, shows those veterans have been betrayed by the system that's supposed to care for them. Dozens of veterans in Hampton Roads and Central Virginia and hundreds in VISN 6 were seen by unqualified medical personnel when given Traumatic Brain Injury Compensation and Pension exams, which determine what kind of care and benefits they'll get.














The group includes hundreds of veterans. According to information requested, 48 veterans at the Richmond VA Medical Center and 25 at the Hampton VA Medical Center were seen by unqualified staffers. In North Carolina, which is also included in the VISN 6 region, the number balloons to 257 vets, again seen by unqualified personnel.


For more about this issue visit with your VSO or contact your local VAMC public affairs office immediately.

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