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VA COVID-19 Response Plan

By USVCP Staff Writers
Source:  VA News Release

March 27, 2020 


WASHINGTON – The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) made public, March 27, the COVID-19 Response Plan it is executing within its medical facilities to protect Veterans, their families and staff.   


VA deems the plan a valuable tool that’s useful for the nationwide medical community.


The “For Official Use Only” designation has been removed from the plan, making it publicly available. This access allows medical providers across the country to review, learn from and provide feedback, as the nation works to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.


“VA has a world-class medical team doing incredible work on the frontlines of this fight,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “We will continue to share best practices and lessons learned with other government agencies and the private health care system as appropriate so we can defeat COVID-19 as a nation.” 











VA has shifted some outpatient care to telehealth and some elective and non-emergent procedures have been postponed. This enables Veterans to receive care through minimal contact with staff, saves time and reduces the need for personal protective equipment, making those resources available for critical use.


Additionally, VA will begin to implement two zones within all inpatient units: one for dedicated staff and space to care for COVID-19 patients; the second will be a zone for all other care. These overall changes are aimed at minimizing the risk of infection as VA’s medical professionals make decisions based on what’s appropriate for the given environment and situation.


Click here for VA COVID-19 Response Plan

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Michelle Boudreaux, 3/28/20

Does any one know if disabled vets are going to recieve the stimulus package?


Robert Moore, 3/28/20

Going in for a Triple bypass surgery on the 24 April. Wonder how the VA will handle separating us in Recovery!