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California State Benefits

The state of California aims to provide veterans and their families with aid and assistance in presenting their claims for veterans' benefits under the laws of the United States; to provide them with beneficial opportunities through direct low-cost loans to acquire farms and homes; and to provide the state's aged or disabled veterans with rehabilitative, residential, and medical care and services in a home-like environment at the California Veterans Homes.


The state’s mission is based upon the philosophy that programs of benefits for veterans fulfill necessary, proper, and valid public purposes by promoting patriotism, by recognizing and rewarding sacrifice and service to country, and by providing needed readjustment assistance to returning veterans and their families, whose lives were interrupted when they responded to their country's call to military service.



California veterans will live the highest quality of life with dignity and honor.












  • We will provide high quality advocacy and services for all California Veterans.
  • We will provide the best long-term care and enhanced quality of life for all State Veterans Home residents.
  • We will maintain effective communication with all staff and stake holders.
  • We will use resources wisely.


Core Values

  • Respect for All
  • Absolute Integrity
  • Outstanding Service
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • A "Can Do" Spirit


Home Loans

If you're ready to buy a home, CalVet is here to meet your home financing needs! You will find many features and benefits with a CalVet loan that will save you money and help protect your investment for your family.


We offer below market interest rates with low or no down payment that increase your purchasing power and keep your payment down. We have expanded eligibility so that nearly any veteran wanting to buy a home in California is eligible. You may prequalifiy for a CalVet loan by clicking on the Apply Online button on this page, or by downloading and completing our prequalification form and sending it to your local CalVet office. There is no charge for this service.


Information on non-conventional loans

The California Department of Veterans Affairs and its CalVet Home Loan program is committed to helping veterans and active duty personnel attain the American Dream of home ownership and while we currently don't have the legal authority to refinance homeowners who are in difficult situations, we are exploring possible legislative solutions.


The "HOPE Hotline" (1-888-995-HOPE), which provides free mortgage counseling 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


For those service members who find themselves in a difficult situation as a result of a non-conventional loan or because of activation and deployment, there are certain protections within state and federal law that could help you including:











The Service members Civil Relief Act of 2003 (SCRA) formerly known as the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940 (SSCRA) is a federal law that gives all military members some important rights as they enter active duty or are called to deployment.


One benefit of the SCRA is the ability to reduce your mortgage interest rate to 6% under certain circumstances.


The California Military Families Financial Relief Act allows for the deferral of mortgage payments for members of the reserves or National Guard who are called to active duty.


If you need assistance please contact the CalVet Customer Services Unit at (800) 952- 5626 or (916) 503-836



The USDVA Education Service administers the federal education benefit programs (Montgomery GI Bill, REAP, VEAP, etc).  If you need additional assistance, please call their toll-free number 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) to speak with a Veterans Benefits Counselor. For local assistance with these benefits you can contact your County Veterans Services Office.


Veterans or current servicemen and women who reside in California or who are stationed in California can take advantage of the state's wealth of postsecondary educational options - including community colleges as well as four-year degree granting institutions.


Veterans who wish to pursue higher education are encouraged to investigate academic programs offered at California universities, both public and private, and determine which provide programs of study in which the individual is interested. Individuals should contact the admission offices at those institutions to learn about their specific admission processes.


In addition to researching admissions application processes, individuals should investigate the processes for obtaining benefits for Veterans or active military. The information provided here is intended to supply some of the necessary forms and information related to these benefits. The Veterans' Affairs coordinators at each university can also provide advice to veterans, reservists, and dependents of service disabled or deceased veterans on completing and filing VA claim forms for federal and state education assistance programs or assist with special registration procedures required for students who are sponsored under one of the VA Fee Waiver programs (for dependents and disabled veterans).


The California College Fee Waiver Program, is an education benefit available to the spouses and children of U.S. veterans through the California Department of Veterans Affairs.  The Fee Waiver runs through the academic year, beginning with each fall semester. Once certain eligibility criteria are met, dependents can get their tuition and other fees waived when attending any California Community College, California State University, or University of California campus.  Please note that the CFW benefit cannot be used to attend private or out-of-state colleges under either plan.