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Q52:  When I was inducted into the military in 1967 I was told I had acute bronchitis and they entered that in my records but that was false.  What I really had was asthma which I now know was a condition that would have stopped me from entering the military.  Now I have developed a severe condition which I believe is a result of entering the military and being sent to Vietnam where asthma is rampant because of the weather conditions and also being exposed to Agent Orange.  So, is there anything I can do to get the entitlements I’m due?

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A1:  No not for being stationed in Viet Nam. You need to establish that your health was affected by your military service. There are meny examples of how to file a claim on line. There are some presumptive conditions that are for viet nam vets exclusievely. But just by being in viet nam dowes not entitile you to anything.  (TB)  5/25/18


A2:  The question is how to prove you had asthma when you entered service? How do you tie the asthma to your service? When were you officially diagnosed with asthma? It's not what you know but what you can prove that matters to the VA.  (AP)  5/25/18


A3:   Contact a VSO and your congressman for they diagnosed in error when you joined the military. Then you find out years later you had asthma all the time. Exposure to Agent Orange did you serve on land or go up any rivers or firing missions.   If so get statements and request all your military records yourself not thru the VA. They don't care and don't believe they will help. I fought with them for 34 years to get my disability and I expect they will take some of it away in the near future. My hopes are that by that time will have won our lawsuit for a forgery done by my son and his wife. I will wait and see if the VA takes anything away then I will sue instead of wasting my time and energy on the VA. Check to see if you have any other conditions such as type II diabetes and if so claim that as well. Any degenerative bone or joint disease which I have but the VA says fine for both my knees but my spinal system they deny it. That is why I will sue if they push their luck for I was told by an outside doctor that I may be crippled in the next 10 to 15 years and may have to have surgery to try and prevent it getting worse or ending up crippled. If you need any assistance email me and I will try to help. I have tried to help other veterans and given them a list of forms they need to use as well as requesting their military records on their own. The VA always threatens me that I can't charge and never have they just don't want me to help other veterans that the VA is so busy back stabbing but what do you expect from our government. Crooked politicians our number the good ones and the VA is all government what they save on our claims they pocket as a bonus check for a job well done.  (JRM)  5/26/18


A4:  Go to the VA website and look at their list of presumptive conditions.  (LM)  12/28/20











A5:  Just being exposed to Agent Orange is not compensable what Agent Orange causes then it becomes compensable. The weather conditions could have had an affect on your condition and especially if you were treated in Vietnam for that and have continuous to receive medication for it. It like this, if the military accepts you with a condition and the service aggregated that condition then you can be compensated for it.  (GR)  3/2/21


A6:  I was at camram in 1969 tow form Clark AFB.  Got heart problems. And leg problems also.  (RL)  1/16/22