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West Virginia State Benefits

The Division of Veterans Affairs of West Virginia shall assist eligible veterans, their widows, dependents  and orphans in proper preparation and presentation of their claims for the benefits of their rights and privileges under federal and state laws enacted for their benefits.                           


Homestead Exemption For Certain Eligible Veterans
Specific information is available through the local County Assessor’s Office.                                 


Agent Orange Program

The program administered by the West Virginia Division of Health expired July 1, 1989.  However, assistance is provided to Korean and Vietnam veterans exposed to certain chemicals, defoliants or herbicides or other causative agents, including Agent Orange from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Medicine and Surgery. 


State War Orphans Education

Provides for a waiver of tuition and registration fees in a state supported college or university for children between the ages of sixteen and twenty-three whose veteran parent served in World War I, World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam Era or any time of conflict as declared by Congress.  Parent must have died in such wartime period, or, if subsequent to discharge, death must have been the result of disability incurred in such wartime service.                                    


Free License

Provides special vehicle license plates, DV Tags without fee to any veteran in receipt of an auto grant or who is permanently and totally disabled due to service-connected causes, and former POW Tag as certified by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.  Also recent legislation provides for Purple Heart Tags for those wounded in action and Pearl Harbor Survivors Tags for West Virginia veterans who were at Pearl Harbor during the attack on December 7, 1941.  Veteran Plate for honorably discharged veterans for a one time fee of $10.00 over and above the regular license fee required by Motor Vehicles.












Free Hunting & Fishing Privileges

Free for 100% service-connected veterans and those veterans in receipt of a VA auto grant.


State Veterans Home

Domiciliary care in Veterans Home is for ambulatory veterans who are able to go to the dining room without help; can dress themselves; can make their own beds, and can participate in an assigned therapeutic activity.  A veteran may be charged for care if he is able to pay. 


Veterans Preference

Under the West Virginia Civil Service System all veterans who have served under honorable conditions in the armed forces of the United States during World War II, Korea Conflict, Vietnam Era or during hostile conflict shall have five (5) points added to a final passing score.  An additional five (5) points are added to a veteran’s score if in receipt of the Purple Heart or has a compensable service-connected disability.











Veterans Bonus

The West Virginia State Legislature approved four separate bonus programs for payment to veterans of World War I and World War II, Korean Conflict, the Vietnam Era and veterans of conflicts in Lebanon, Panama, Granada, and Desert Storm.  The deadline for making application for these bonus programs has expired as indicated:  World War I and World War II – December 31, 1955; Korean Conflict – June 30, 1959; Vietnam Era – December 31, 1976; Lebanon, Panama, Granada and Desert Storm – June 30, 1994.                                                   











Veterans Re-Education Act

The West Virginia Legislature provides tuition assistance to those veterans who need a new vocation due to dislocation or unemployment.  Veteran must have exhausted the G. I. Bill and be in need of tuition assistance.


Free Dental Care By West Virginia Health Right

Provides free dental care to low income West Virginia veterans without dental coverage, through their Veteran’s Dental Program. The care includes cleanings, exams, fillings, extractions and dentures. This grant will be used to help fund a program that will use a mobile dental clinic traveling to six rural counties and the onsite dental clinic at their main office, treating 500 veterans in need.


West Virginia Community Action Partnership
The West Virginia Community Action Partnerships, Inc. (WVCAP) is a statewide membership organization for the 16 Community Action Agencies in West Virginia. Initially established in 1966, WVCAP serves as the voice for the local Community Action Agencies and low-income individuals and families on a statewide basis.


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