The Veterans Pet Registry (VPR) is the only pet registry dedicated to veterans and dependents pet owners.


VPR is committed to providing pet educational services to veterans and dependents with regard to their furry friend’s quality of life and wellbeing.  


VPR is dedicated to the humane care of animals owned by veterans, and the veterans/dependents right to quality pet ownership.


Registering your animal provides you with the identification materials you need, and the resources that can help you maintain a good quality of life for your animal.


For convenience and trust, VPR access to important information about the pet through Armed Forces Locator (AFL) searchable database.


With every registration, you will receive a Pet Identity Card and registration certificate as proof of your pet ownership. When dealing with state, military, Department of Veterans Affairs and restrictive pet ordinances, you’ll need your Pet Identity Card or registration certificate. Registration ensures that your pet is documented and in a secure, safe, searchable database.


Why should I register my pet?

  • To have the ability to provide online documentation for your animal
  • To show proof of ownership
  • To have access to a searchable database that displays the animal's name and ID number
  • To have documentation of breed status
  • To have documentation of your pet’s name, owner, and lineage
  • To have protection against restrictive legislation ordinances
  • To have protection against legal and/or custody issues
  • To have protection against Department of Veterans Affairs legislation and ordinances
  • To have documentation for overseas travel
  • To have access to free Missing Pet Alerts


About the Registry

With your Veterans Pet Registry, your pet will be registered with affiliate website Armed Forces Locator (AFL).  AFL has a secure, online pet registry that will list all pertinent information about your pet.


Missing Pet Alert

  • Missing Pet Alerts sent to shelters, rescue organizations
  • Missing Pet Alert published online at USVCP and AFL websites.
  • Missing Pet Alert faxed or emails to all pet-related businesses within 25 miles pet reported last seen
  • Missing Pet Alert Flyer sent to all Neighborhood Sentinels* within 25 miles pet reported last seen
  • Missing Pet Alerts text sent to 25 Neighborhood Sentinels* within 25 miles pet reported last seen
  • Missing Pet Alerts email blast sent all USVCP & AFL veterans within 25 miles pet reported last seen

*Individuals registered to receive Missing Pet Alerts.

Veterans Pet Registry