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Veterans Beware:  The Gadget Ripping You Off
August 27, 2020


Once again, veterans appear to be the latest targets for a crime that's baffled VA and local law enforcement agencies everywhere.  It appears as though the criminals particularly like VA, CBOC, and Vet Center parking lots to commit their crimes against veterans.  All over America and particularly where veterans roam, the criminals are using improvised electronic devices (IED) to electronically unlock vehicles and steal whatever they find inside the vehicle or take the vehicle altogether.












Law officials refer to this type of theft as electronic car theft.  The new and improved crime is challenging for police, who are regularly stumped by the sophisticated new methods.


Today's automobile thieves can make big bucks using electronic gadgets to unlock and drive off with new cars.


For those thieves who have access to the IED technology, it's easier to unlock cars and trucks.


Unfortunately, many of the IEDs the criminals use are for sale online.  The dark web is notorious for having the most sophisticated IEDs and IEDs with the latest technology.


So, what can be done to stop the criminals?  According to one police chief, not much.

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Frank Hensley, 9/14/20

If you are that concerned about electronic car theft, then have your door locking/unlocking solenoid disconnected by your dealer. Then you can only unlock you vehicle with a key. If you do not have a physical key, then you bought the wrong vehicle. The best way to keep you vehicle safe is never leave anything visible on your seats or floor. Do not place valuables in your trunk before you go in to do more shopping after you park. Do it before you leave from your last shopping location. Thieves watch parking lots to spot which vehicles have the most gifts for them. With Christmas season approaching, you would be better off making several trips to the store that to leave you car packed with nice things to steal.


Thomas Zampano, 9/14/20

I lock my car manually and am safe from this scam.