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Have a complaint about a negative VA, CBOC, or Vet Center experience?  What about your VSO or attorney?  You want to blow off some steam?  If so, here is your chance to submit an online complaint or grievance that will help you vent and help others learn from your experiences.  This pilot program will allow you to voice your concerns about all things related to VA services and programs.



Food Court Prices.  Army Veteran - BP.  Date:  4/30/21

Can something be done about the food court prices inside the VA hospital?  I generally don't mind spending money at a VA food court, but the prices at my VA hospital are outrageous.  Last week I spent over $75 to eat lunch.  I’d like to see the prices lowered or give veterans other options.  As it stands right now I think the food court is over-priced and I can no longer afford to eat there.


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The most effective complainants are those that have a clear concept and what you would like to achieve from your complaint.


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