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Speed Up Your Claim With Fast Tract
February 9, 2018
By David Fuller

USVCP Staff Writer


The Agent Orange Fast Track Claims Processing System is dedicated to processing claims for Vietnam Veterans who are claiming service connection for any of the following conditions:          


Veterans can use the VA website to apply for disability benefits for the conditions if the veteran served in the Republic of Vietnam or in-land waterways between January 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975.


The Fast Tract system is exclusively a web-based platform.  Whereas, veterans can simply log on to the VA web portal and submit their claims documentation, supporting medical evidence from all sources and any other documentation needed to establish and verify their service-connected claim.  VA doctors will have access to the Fast Tract system, that will enable them to take the veteran out of the role as middle man between care providers and VA.   VA doctors can then fill out the forms and submit them online quickly and easily.  VA rating specialists will be able to log on to the system, identify outstanding information on the way to fully developing a claim (FDC) and give a suggested rating at the end of the automated process.


Veterans who find computers challenging may want to consult with their VSO or find help from a computer specialist to help them navigate the Fast Track system.  Some veterans have reported that the Fast Tract system seems cumbersome and confusing.