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VA Executes Benefits Change 

By USVCP Staff Writers

April 3, 2020 


Starting the end of April 2020, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will execute policy change that shifts the burden of proofreading claims paperwork to veterans.  The change eliminates the skill and expertise of a trained professional (i.e., VSO) from checking claims paperwork for errors.  Having a trained professional review claims documents before being submitted to the VA will be a thing of the past.


Many veterans representatives and organizations around the country argue that such a change will lead to many more problems for veterans and dependents.  Not knowing the subtle nuances of handling government documents, many believe such changes will frustrate veterans and dependents and deter many from applying for benefits.











According to VA manual, representatives accredited by the VA have 48 hours to review new rating decisions on behalf of their veteran clients. The decisions determine the level of compensation for service-connected injuries and illnesses.


The professional and experienced representatives check for inadvertent errors that could save veterans time and compensation from having to file appeals or to request VA reviews.


According to Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) representatives typically find errors in 5% to 7% of claims.


Not having professional oversight will cause many veterans and dependents to have their claims rejected.

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John Lord, 6/2/20

Back to basics. All of us went on duty in good faith, that if something were to happen... we'd be taken care of. The VA is good at waiting, over work qualified employees etc., until its over or going with wrong info. My disability was at VA around 6 months, before could be done and the toxins progressed.
After I learned about my problems starting from SW toxins. Has to push my Service officer to get VA to acknowledge cause and effect. I basically got contaminated starting my problems. Great, service connected disability. Because, in the Personal Reliability Program (PRP). Because I knew I had problems and couldn't function I resigned before I put my unit in danger. The Army medical where total wrong with diagnosis and medication. So after getting the branch and assignment of choice. I quit. Years later, still on the medication, everything crashed. I was admitted to the University Hospital, from the ER. Ten year after it had started. We used daily our "basic load of ammo" and under the PRP. The VA will not acknowledge toxic problems. The latest is changing the toxic problem, from Agent O etc., to only I, blister agent! These weapons are normally along with wars. According to the VA we where not at war! for benefits! We where on peace keeping w/ the Soviet's in Germany w/ our SW, and in Korea (play I down, when you have to do, "those things". The same if your deployed from Korea or Grenada etc.... These are peace keeping mission, you just take things in case. This was at least what we were told between 79 to 85, Can't understand how you can be in a country where the leader ship was just over thrown, your carrying your basic load plus. And all leaves a(nd passes are cancelled until the situation calms (again). And Afghanistan is only rumored. How does the VA decide between the periods of war, and peace's keeping duties with SW. When we get out, it's still the same disability even if the VA doesn't treat it the same I outside the US. When have we "been at peace?" VA's using two different standards.












Mike Trowse, 5/13/20

The power to REGULATE is the power to DESTROY!


Alphonso Davis, 4/15/20
Actually, the VSO work for the state. Therefore, it appeals that, the VBA want the state out of their business.


Aaron Jones, 4/9/20

I think if you have a diagnosis in service you should be compensated.


Tom Van Hees, 4/4/20

I am an independent veterans advocate and i have been helping veterans get compensation for over thirteen years. I have worked with many VSO's in different parts of the country.  Though this tactic is bad for the veteran it does make sense somewhat.It does put more of the burden on the veteran to make sure that everything in a claim is correct and saying so, he/she feels that the claim is ready to submit to the VSO or representative to file the claim it does make it much easier on the VSO or representative considering that they are over cased and understaffed.My suggestion is before writing a statement for compensation do your homework and double and triple check your work before submitting it for filing or better yet find some like me to help you.


William Peters, 4/4/20
Removing the requirement of a VSO to review your paperwork does not stop you from using a VSO servises to insure form or data accuracy. Though I must admit, I never felt I have any service related disabilities and never attempted to submit any claims.


Ronald Christopher, 4/3/20
The motto of the VA is: We put veterans first. That is not quite true is it?











Lisa Kukula, 4/3/20

The veteran can still work with a VSO but s/he just have to submit the claim his/herself. It's best if VSO represents veteran. The 48 hours window to disagree with VA decision is unjust as more time is needed to respond.  This is typical VA playing the triple D game deny and delay until veteran is dead so they won't pay.


Robert Chapman, 4/3/20

Just like the VA to do less for Veterans.....our benefits continue to slowly decline as Congress finds more ways to waste money. We are the reason they can act stupid, we are the ones who protect this Great country as the Congress continues to take our benefits... We need to change those in Congress now.


Tanya Piker, 4/3/20

That is what the VA wants ,so that they can find an excuse not to process and approve claims.


Sheilah Spencer, 4/3/20

It just means at the end of the day - more appeals are filed to the Supreme Court & will be quicker than usual...The VA - what were they thinking?











Carlos Aldape, 4/3/20

I believe that professional workers I needed to review these claims. As stated in the article professionals good catch particular items in the claim that may expedite the claim.


Franklin Walker, 4/3/20

I am afraid that it's true, a lot of veterans will get frustrated & will not do the paperwork, cause a lot of us really don't understand what we are reading in military terms.


Robert Frolow, 4/3/20

This foolish decision seems to comply with the length of time taken by the VA to settle claims and appeals. It seems as though the VA budget is the principal interest in both cases. Too bad.