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Did Trump Call Veterans "Losers" and "Suckers"
By Edward Moreno 
September 5, 2020


Before a planned visit to honor the American dead at a French cemetery just outside Paris in 2018, President Trump called the U.S. service members who were buried there during World War I “losers" and “suckers,” sources told The Atlantic.


At the time, Trump was expected to arrive at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, but he canceled last minute, stating that due to the rain, the helicopter could not fly to the location and noted that the Secret Service could not drive him. 











However, according to four sources with knowledge of the incident, Trump was reluctant to travel to the cemetery because he was concerned that the rain would dishevel his hair, the Atlantic reported. 


He also did not think it was important to honor the dead there, according to the sources. 


“Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers,” Trump reportedly told aides before canceling the trip to Belleau, France.


White House spokesperson Alyssa Farah told The Hill the report is false.


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany also weighed in on the report, calling it “garbage,”.











Hogan Gidley, a Trump campaign spokesperson who worked at the White House during the 2018 trip to France, called the claims “disgusting, grotesque, reprehensible lies.”


“How would you feel if you had a kid in Afghanistan right now?” Mr. Biden said. “How would you feel if you lost a son, daughter, husband, wife? How would you feel, for real?”


Mr. Trump denied that he made the remarks repeatedly over the course of the day and rallied current and former aides who backed him up on the record. “It’s a fake story and it’s a disgrace that they’re allowed to do it,” he told reporters in the Oval Office, insisting that he respected the troops. “To me, they’re heroes,” he said. “It’s even hard to believe how they could do it. And I say that, the level of bravery, and to me, they’re absolute heroes.”

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A1:   I am a Vietnam Vet, and I believe the President. We have been fighting Socialism and Communism for a long time and we don't want them to get elected to run our country. That is what this is about. Just like the fake news Biden put out that Social Security under Trump would end in 2023.  (JD)  9/5/20











A2:  I do not believe that garbage. President Trump has done more for the military than any President. The Democrats constantly lie so he won't have a 2nd term. They have done everything they can to get rid of him and even the media is run by the liberals. He has tried to help those states with all the crap going on and the stupid Democrats keep letting their states get ruined.  (BW)  9/5/20


A3:  Why would you but this bull sh-t on here. You know it is fake news.  (JF)  9/5/20


A4:  Why is it Biden, who claims to be highly offended by something Trump is claimed to have said by someone who wants to remain un-named, never said a word when he was Vice President and Obama, talking about some Military benefits, said the Military is a voluntary force and they knew what they were signing up for and should have to pay their own way.  (JB)  9/5/20


A5:  Of course President Trump DIDN'T say that! These fake news people are a major part of the unrest in America. They write untruths then fan the flames after the riots begin. They need to repent!  (LM)  9/5/20


A6:  As a 22yr Air Force and Viet Nam veteran retiree, I would gladly join up again and follow Pres Trump into Hell if need be. Beats the hell out of Pres Johnson or any of the other "leaders" who sent us into that quagmire with the "rules of engagement" they gave us.  (HH)  9/5/20


A7:  Now you have become a left wing rag repeating hearsay. So sad to see this as I was enjoying just information about veterans due benefits. Stay out of politics if you want to keep your present volume readers. I'm sure Democrat, Republicans, and Independents plus myself would like a break from reading political crap 24 hours a day. Try being a little more patriotic to our sitting president whoever they may be. What is your staff thinking?  (JP)  9/5/20











A8:  Trump is a liar and coward.  (BH)  9/5/20


A9:  Of course he denies it as well as his aids denying it and lying. There is proven record of his aids, spokesperson and press secretary flat out lying about things that are even recorded.  This POTUS and his admin. are PROVEN liars and there are too many separate sources that reported what he said, from first hand witnessing of it.
He is a disgrace to the office and our country. Just look at what he said about the honorable John McCain and the Gold Star family....nuff said.  How ANY Veteran or active duty personnel could support this draft dodging disgrace is beyond my understanding.  (JB)  9/5/20


A10:  Trump is a DISGRACE to the Presidency and all American citizens.  Every active Chief of Staff have all agreed, Trump has got to go.  He is ruining the country.  (GH)  9/5/20


A11:  I believe The President respects all troops as heroes. It is a disgusting lie.  (JH)  9/5/20


A12:  False news! Lies!  The people who believe this are (never Trumpers) and will jump on anything that shows Trump in a bad light! I served in the Navy for 3 years from June 61 to July 1964.  (RI)  9/5/20


A13:  I am surprised that unless you read beyond the opening paragraphs that you get the impression that President Trump really did say those things. Whoever wrote this bias report should be fired. I will unsubscribe as should all veterans who all tired of the biased rhetoric.  (RG)  9/5/20











A14:  If this story is true and real, this scumbag should be removed from office pronto and trailed for treason.  (TO)  9/5/20


A15:  The Rules of a Pathological Liar: Never admit guilt, Deny, deny, deny Blame shift, Then, cover-up with more lies. Donald Trump will tell 100 lies and supporters will gleefully ignore or defend everyone. I'm ashamed because so many of his supporters have such blatant disregard for any level of critical thinking.  (JH)  9/5/20


A16:  Since he has been a liar every since he has been born, so why no believe that he did not make those comments that all of the soldiers killed were "suckers" and "losers'' .had he served in the military and not being a "draft dodger" than maybe he would not have made that comment. that statement was a slap in the face to all of us veterans deceased or alive.  (JL)  9/5/20


A17:  Trump makes my blood boil and all of the idiots who support him.  If you don't believe Trump called us "Losers" and "Suckers" you are complicit in his barrage of lies.  (AV)  9/5/20


A18:  Vietnam vet here, Trump is a daddy boy Draft Dodger. No honor. How can others others say they would follow him. He doesn't know how to get there and if he did he would Lie about.  (RR)  9/5/20


A19:  Mr. Biden is a 1-Y draft deferment as is President Trump, his son Hunter was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine abuse. First he should keep his mouth shut, second president Trump never said it.  (JB)  9/5/20











A20:  I'm a Viet Nam vet and Puerto Rican.  Though I am the subject of vituperation by the President and others of his administration who have said Puerto Ricans are not worthy of being full US citizens by making PR a State and he himself has stated, according to members of his administration that he wants to sell PR or trade it for some foreign territory which implies selling or giving us away as chattel property as in the 19th Century was done, I do not believe that he would stoop to saying such things about the warriors that have made it possible for his country to exist and him to say whatever garbage he feels like saying or tweeting.  (EP)  9/5/20


A21:   If any stupid idiotic Jacka** believe that President Trump call the Vets "losers and suckers" then I know they need their head examine. President Trump was always pulling for the Vets and if possible, he will do all he can for the Military. Biden is trying to put his dead problems on the President, if you cannot see that Biden is a loser, then see a Doctor, because your whole body needs to be examine.  (MK)  9/5/20


A22:  I am sure the person that wrote this article MORENO is a braindead democrat and works for the fake media.  (LB)  9/5/20


A23:  I am a 100% PT Vet . I Thank God first , Then I thank President Trump. He loves all Americans . And I believe he has a special relationship with all VETERANS. President Trump fixed the VA , if it wasn't for him , my situation would be catastrophic. Because of President Trump I have a quality life through my VA THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP. GOD BLESS YOU SIR !  (WR)  9/5/20


A24:  This is how corruped the left is, the fake news , sick, they are the hate America left. god bless our president.  (MT)  9/5/20


A25:  Disrespecting our service people on any level is more than "low", it is borderline evil.  (SV)  9/5/20


A26:  You folks have completely lost your minds agreeing with the socialist communist fake news without FACTS to back it up. I have read this site for years for the facts about vet needs, but you have resorted to joining in on the dogpile to beat this president in next election. Good luck with AOC and the other hoodlums who want to run the USA into the ground. I was sent to Vietnam to kill communist and now we are reelecting them here. UNSUBSCRIBE ME !
101st ABN 326 Combat Engineer Sapper VN 70-71.  (JP)  9/5/20


A27:   President Trump has been a huge supporter of all veterans and has done more for us than anyone at anytime. I refuse to believe that he would ever say anything derogatory about veterans.  (CO)  9/5/20


A28:  I am a Vietnam vet. No I do not believe anonymous sources. Too ashamed to stand behind their false claims.  Nothing but cowards who will do anything to smear our hard working President. I am behind you all the way President Trump.  (FB)  9/5/20


A29:   I'm tired of all this political crap about things that I sometimes cannot believe unless it is truly proved by trustworthy means and should not be printed in the news till it is at the moment.  (JR)  9/5/20


A30:   This story is false. Even John Bolton says it isn't true because if it were it would be in his book. He doesn't like the President but at least he has the guts to stand up and say the truth. This lie is 2 years old. Unemployment went to 8% but they didn't say that no they went and dug up this lie. Too bad these media outlets don't publish any actual honorable, truthful, unbiased reporters stories.  (SF)  9/5/20


A31:  A disgusting and misleading article. Have been increasingly skeptical about the value of this website's value to vets. We are engaged in a battle to keep this country a "free market" Republic. DC, No. VA and MD vote overwhelmingly for Dems. Dems who are increasingly "my way or hiway?" Marxist-Socialist. This site is part of the swamp and I will continue to support OUR President as he drains, it drop by drop, if necessary. I am unsubscribing from this site.  (MB)  9/5/20


A32:  Don't know if he said it or not, but after calling John McCain a loser and not a hero, it would not be out of the realm of possibility. I find it strange that a guy who got deferments to serve and whose family has never served continue to defend him. And for those who cry about socialism, better stop taking your social security and other benefit programs.  (MS)  9/5/20  


A33:  Folks!  C'mon!  Of course he said it and he has said other horrible things about veterans.  Joe Biden is no better than Trump, he doesn't care for veterans either.  All these politicians are in an "elite class" of Americans who tell us what to do and when to do it.  If you think you are FREE you are a fool.  Do some research.  And, don't kid yourself about fighting communism as some have wrote,  Wake up!  Please, wake up folks!  (GG)  9/5/20 











A34:   I believe the coward said that about our war dead & veterans , he's treated other veterans like the late John McCain with disrespect as well as Gold Star parents & stated other disgusting things about handicapped people . Why would military leaders say so many negative things about this commander when it's not this evident with past leaders speaking out? Do u really expect one to believe everything is a conspiracy against this guy & he's the sole one telling the truth after it's so well documented that he lies so much? Taking money from congressionally approved funding for military base upgrades to replace some panels on a border wall is not building a new wall & taxpayer money is not Mexico paying for it either.  (DM)  9/5/20


A35:  Nam vet 1965 & 66. I believe this to be true. Our president is a narcacistic & pathalogical liar.  Anything that discredits him is "fake news". He attacks anyone that disagrees him or discredits him. In combat, would you like Trump covering your flank? I clearly remember how he maligned John McCain on national TV as being a "loser for being captured following McCain's death.....if you don't remember then google the video! Check out "Snopes" on Trump's 5 military deferments from Vietnam.  (JH)  9/5/20


A36:   The libtards are at it again. They lie, cheat, and steal. President Trump has done more for Vets than any politician ever.  (WG)  9/5/20


A37:  I believe the story based on what he said about John McCain and the gold star family. He is not a patriot.  (JM)  9/5/20


A38:  Trumpkins believe everything that comes from our sociopathic President.  Trump surrounds himself with people who supports his lies.  Of course he said veterans are losers and suckers.  I'll be glad when his term is over.  Trump and his administration are bad for the country.  (LB)  9/5/20


A39:  What do you expect from a draft dodger?  (MF)  9/5/20


A40:   It pisses me off to see such garbage here. I don't see how anyone that spent time in the military cannot see the damage the left is doing to the country.  (AT)  9/5/20


A41:  I'm a Vietnam Veteran, & believe that President Trump will never call fallen heroes a looser. Specially the way he respect our military & veterans. He is the only President in 4 decades that did a lot of things for the military & the veterans. This fake news need to stop and the people who is responsible must be held liable in a court of law.  (RR)  9/5/20


A42:  I believe the President. We they do not leave there Name its BS. If your going to say the truth you use your name if your not your not. and your just a piece of scum.  (SU)  9/5/20


A43:   It is lying time and it has been for quite some time FOR THE DEMOCRATS. All they do is lie. First and most important, it is the secret service who keeps our President from doing some things that is dangerous to him. It was the secret service to founded the chopper. The democrats twist things the way they want them to be received.  (RC)  9/5/20


A44:  I believe that piece of sh** said it.  That lunatic has always been a liar and a cheat.  Trump has always said that he lies and it is up to others to prove he didn't.  (HV)  9/5/20


A45:  More fake news coming from the extreme far left. Many of them call themselves socialist but they are really Commies. The leftist media has gone insane and off the charts. God bless this president. It will be a sad day in America if Biden and the democrats get in. Vote....your future and the life we Americans are fond of depends on it.  (BD)  9/6/20


A46:  This article had been shared with me by a liberal friend. I read it because I had believed The Atlantic to be a reputable news source. Whether the story is true or false (I believe it to be mostly false), there is no legitimate reason to publish it except to denigrate the President and veterans. The story is too repulsive to be believable. I'm astounded that this literary garbage went to press and I will forever question this publication's motives.  (GB)  9/6/20


A47:  All we have to do is look at President Trump's record on what he has done for disabled veterans in his 3 years and compare it to what Obama & Biden did for us in their 8 years. What a joke!  (JS)  9/6/20


A48:  Fake news!  I think not.  I believe the story to be true.  Trump has said many horrible things about many veterans, and our heroes (John McCain).  What president calls world leaders names?  This joke.  Trump should have never been President.  Because of Trump our standing around the world has plummeted.   Trump sickens me every time I see him.  (AW)  9/6/20 


A49:  This is total nonsense. Don't You think that if this in fact happened, it would have been big news back then. Just another fabricated story by the Liberal Left in an attempt to damage President Trumps re-election.  (SH)  9/6/20


A50:  Unfortunately we have a President who is morally bankrupt.  It's true what he said about deceased veterans.  Want evidence, Check YouTube.  (BT)  9/6/20


A51:  Anyone who believes what Trump said is fully aware of what's really going on in America, and Trump is the problem.  (HD)  9/6/20


A52:   Given how he denigrates many other groups and how he has a history of spreading falsehoods for 3 1/2 years is there any reason not to believe these reports?  He has already come out and attributed these reports to General Kelly. And, there are no communists and socialists running for president. The vast majority of Americans do not know socialism when it smacks them in the face. Many veterans are against socialism, yet they go to a veterans' hospital or clinic which is the ultimate is socialize health care. The facilities are owned by the government. The employees are paid by the government. If you're against socialism, then you should be against veterans' health care too!


As a Viet Nam War infantryman with a Purple Heart with Oak Leaf cluster I found the comments attributed to him to be totally believable. I am a proud "sucker" and "loser."  (SH)  9/6/20


A53:  I have to seriously consider the IQ points (lack thereof) of anyone who supports Trump.  The man is mentally ill and is not fit to be President of the United States of America.  I pity his supporters.  (FC)  9/6/20


A54:  It's all made up garbage. President Trump supports the military, active and veterans, more than any President since President Reagan. His opponents are desperate. No one believes this trash. Obama and BIDEN let Americans die in Benghazi and still lie about it today. The more they try to smear President Trump, the more galvanized we stand. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump!!  (RJ)  9/6/20


A55:  This is as real news as it gets. This guy is a disgrace to this nation.  (AT)  9/6/20


A56:  Trump insights others with overtures to follow him, to do battle for him. After they do and he is caught he weasels out of it saying he never told them to do it in the first place.

How can you agree with someone who berates you? This is not a friend. He uses your goodness against you.


How can anyone not see the horrid human being Trump actually is? He has no genuine gratitude and he doesn?t give a damn about American fighting men and women. Remember at the CIA wall? He never acknowledged the sacrifice of those who died serving this country.


He is his lies, but what goes deeper is his falsehoods, his deceit. As long as he convinces you, he wins, and you who support him, you lose.


How can you trust a man who suggests taking poison to cure Covid-19, or to take medications that have been proven not to work on Covid-19, or who purposely suggests voting twice which is illegal, with the intent to foul and cloud the election process?

With him there are no morals, no accountability for even calling Americans who love this country, suckers.  (RP)  9/6/20


A57:  President Trump did talk badly about Senator John McCain. There is a video to prove that.  President Trump did talk badly about the Gold Star Parents that spoke at the 2016 Convention.
President Trump has lied about the help he gave veterans using the Veterans Choice Health Care Program. It was passed by President Obama.  Trump can dispute about what is in the current article but it is backed by sources. The problem he has made 20,000 other statements that can be disputed. So stating the conclusion that this is fake news just allows the plausibility to continue.
One must use convincing evidence for the conclusion that it is fake news not just make a statement of denial. One cannot say with certainty that his statements are correct and truthful.
The freedom of the press is a 1st Amendment right. If President Trump claims he is suffering from what he has done in the past, he is protecting his statements in a defensive act so as to confuse the issues of the present.  (JE)  9/6/20


A58:  Why would you even print this garbage? I signed up for this site for veteranprograms and useful information. Let's ask Biden about his other doped up son. Not so proud are you Joe !! . Also what is your military record? Mine? AQ 2 USN Vietnam.  (BB)  9/6/20

















A59:  It's something every day with President Trump.  People must always remember this guy is a salesman, and what do all salesman do?  Lie!  Trump said all those things and more.  I will vote for Joe Biden, not for his policies necessarily, but to get rid of Trump.  (JB)  9/6/20


A60:  The press attacks President Trump every day. I don't know where he gets his inner strength from but I thank God every day that he is our President. There's a pattern with the press. They've attacked Reagan, (too dumb, senile), Bush 1 (too wimpy), Bush 2 (too dumb, liar, drug addict), Trump (everything under the sun). I'll even mention Romney, the media hated him when he ran against Obama, (dog abuser, bully, sexist) but they couldn't get enough of him when he voted for impeachment. We have countless reasons not to believe the media. They have been caught in countless lies daily and President Trump is the only one to call them out and it makes their heads explode. I'm a proud American and proud veteran. I was turned down twice for veteran benefits when Obama was in charge, even though my DD214 clearly showed I had sustained injuries while on active duty in the USAF. Obama and BIDEN stood by and let Americans get murdered in Benghazi and still lie about it today. Today my son is active duty USAF and I thank God every day that Donald Trump has his back. Obama was in charge when he first joined and says moral was very low. That all changed the first day Trump was elected. He re-upped and has never been happier or more confident or secure. He has never felt belittled or disrespected by President Trump. God Bless the U.S.A. and God Bless President Trump.  (RJ)  9/7/20


A61:  I also believe the POTUS - it's the democrats that are posting this garbage!  (WW)  9/7/20


A62:  Fake. Another coup attempt before elections and a way to distract from Pelosi who was taking a beating for the hair Salon thing. Besides, Bolton who is currently not a fan, said in his memoirs the real reason why he had to cancel at the last moment. Lacking any real evidence, other than dubious sources, we have to look at a person's actions. Trump has shown nothing but respect and admiration for the military and law enforcement in general. The exception, of course, are those involved in the coup attempts against him in the FBI and the Pentagon few. To those suffering from TDS, this is like a wet dream. They would rather vote for a person with early signs of dementia, who would not even be the person running the country on the very slight chance that he may win. The fact that they keep trying to take out Trump before the elections shows how desperate they are to have the money invested in Biden pay off.  (WM)  9/7/20


A63:  Let us not forget what he said about military hero, John McCain. Out of his own mouth, with my own ears, he stated that 'he was a loser'! I am so tired of hearing what comes out of his own mouth, and then when he is called out on it he says 'fake news'.  (LH)  9/10/20


A64:  After what we've learned from Bob Woodward and the audiotapes I don't see how anybody in the right mind, using rational thought can support Trump.  (PD)  9/10/20


A65:  Incredible that the press lends itself to these lies. I believe that American citizens should not give their vote to these people who blatantly lie without any respect for the President or our nation.  (AP)  9/10/20


A66:  This should tell all, what Biden is all about. I no longer can believe anything the Dems say. Most are pushing to bring us back to the brink of communism. Oh that's right to. They no longer teach about communism in schools. I fear for our next generation. Most will be so indoctrinated that it will be scary. I am so glad I no longer have children in school. Most SMART parents are opting out of public education. Even if you don't have the money, work out a payment plan for a school that at least teaches the basics, and our History.  (PG)  9/10/20


A67:  Of course he said that. To this day he still calls John McCain a loser for being captured and held as a prisoner. We all heard him in the news, straight from his mouth, even after John's death. How fast we forget. Not one left behind. For those that would follow him anywhere in battle, he's got ' bone spurs' and wouldn't get far. No doubt in my mind. He had 5 deferments during the Vietmam war. Hes not a Patriot. When he announced on tv that he was in love with the North Korean dictator, and cozy ups to the Russian dictator and Chinese dictator that sealed my my opinion of him. A man I still cannot call president or my commander in chief to this day. As a Vietnam vet and Patriot I give trump 2 thumps down as he did to John McCain.  (RC)  9/11/20


















A68:  Politics aside, Trump is a disgusting human being.  (BA)  9/11/20


A69:  President Trump is on record saying that Senator John McCain was a loser because he was captured and was not a hero, even though McCain was award numerous valor awards. He is also on record as calling an Iraq American soldier a loser for being killed. He is now on record lying to us about the seriousness of the Covad19 virus. Fox news reporter has verified some of his demeaning statements regarding our soldiers. In any inquiry the preponderance of facts support the conclusion that President Trump is lying. The fact that not one military person has come forward to support him and he had to "rally (his term for brow beating)" his aides to support him shows the depths he goes to justify his lying. The fact that the right wing party only believes what they hear from non traditional news and anonymous sources shows you where this country is at. The fact that some military members keep supporting him after his treatment of several generals makes me concerned where we are headed. When a man, who in essence was a draft dodger, goes around telling everyone his is the greatest military mind etc. , I begin to believe we are headed down a dark path.  (MS)  9/13/20


A70:  President Trump is totally loved and respected by the US Military. He gave the orders to wipe out Isis and it was done within months. Obama and BIDEN called Isis the JV team and then let them run roughshod all through the middle east, butchering innocent men ,women, children and Media members. Isis recorded killing after killing while Obama and BIDEN sat around waiting for the next invite to a MTV award show. They cared more about how they were perceived throughout the entertainment and sports world than protecting our troops and envoys around the world. (Benghazi) Obama tied the hands of the military with ridiculous rules of engagement policies, such as wait to be fired on before our guys could battle. President Trump took the restraints off our men and women and let them clean up a mess that Obama and Biden did not want to confront. I love the effective use of force that President Trump has exhibited. He took out General Suleimani when he had the chance without one new boot on the ground. Obama himself said how Biden advised against the killing of Bin Laden. (the blind leading the blind). I am a proud Veteran and the thought of going back to a weak and spineless Biden led Military is troublesome. My son is active USAF and I thank God everyday for President Trump and his policies. President Trump never served in the Military but he knows how and when to use it and is loved and respected by our troops. God Bless President Trump and God Bless the USA!!  (RJ)  9/14/20


A71:  I am a WWII Army Air Corp vet with 52 missions flown over Europe and North Africa. Frankly I thought you younger veterans were smarter than to believe this mud thrown a round by the Democrats. Guess not.  Guess not!  (RH)  9/14/20


A72:  The man has a problem telling the truth and he refused to serve.  (LK)  9/15/20


A73:  No worries America, the Trump experient will soon be over.  Thank goodness!  (HS)  9/15/20


A74:  Another President Trump accomplishment. Peace in the Middle East and not one American casualty. Let's all embrace this great moment and give thanks to President Trump. America hasn't seen leadership like this since the early 1980's.  (RJ)  9/16/20


A75:  Donald Jerk Tramp is a disgrace to this country. He is the worst person to hold the office. He is not worthy of the salutes he gets from military members. He is the biggest liar in the world and made America the laughing stock of the world.  (TH)  9/23/20


A76:  I am a 56 year old mother of three and i spent many sleepness nights when Obama and Biden were running the country. They put my son and many other soldiers in harms way with their pathetic weak policies. The world lost all respect for the USA because of these two spineless bumbling politicians. I thank God for President Trump everyday. The Military knows that he would never turn his back on them. Obama and BIDEN let our servicemen and Ambassador get murdered in Benghazi and tried covering it up with a LIE. It makes me so sad to think that these brave young men's last thought was that they were abandoned when in need by their President and Vice President of the USA. That was disgusting and I will never forgive Obama and BIDEN for their lack of respect for the military and human life. My heart still cries for their families.  (JJ)  9/24/20


A77:  No named sources from a liberal rag? Yeah, I'll buy that for a $1. It had nothing to do with his hair. It was all about inclement weather. The President cannot overrule the pilots decision to land or not. Since the 1984 Team Spirit 53 accident, weather protocols were drastically changed. Anybody who believes this crap, I would seriously question your ability to think critically.  (RE)  9/26/20


A78:  Everybody involved with this story cites "anonymous" sources. In other words; I heard such and such. Moreover, this allegedly happened in 2018. With all of the garbage the Democrats have been throwing at the President, I would expect such a statement to go viral in a few hours. Only now, "anonymous sources" speak up? I believe the President.  (JH)  9/30/20


A79:  The far left will do all it can to disparage our president. Here 's a piece from someone who was actually there, not fabrications and innuendo:  (BS)  10/4/20


A80:  Dear mr. president (l.c. intentional): After being drafted in 1968 I took an oath similar to that which you have also have taken only once. I served in Vietnam as called. I and others who have served as called were and are not losers. Our oath was not that different from that which you, and every elected official has taken. I solemnly swore I would support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and I would bear true faith and allegiance to the same. That oath does not have an expiration date! I cannot standby or be complicit to your lies, misstatements, and exaggerations in your only years of public service. I will vote for Joe Bidden. I hope you never take another oath of office. I will not vote for candidates who blindly support or quietly endorse your assaults on our democracy.  (RS)  10/6/20


A81:  Trump is a complete idiot!  (GV)  10/6/20


A82:  VOTE! Just imagine President Harris. She's left of AOC. Keep Trump in office. Keep America....America!! God Bless President Trump and God Bless America!  (RJ)  10/18/20


A83:  Why would you even put this fake garbage in this publication? Is everything else in here true or is it also designed to discredit?  (AB)  2/18/21


A84:  Anyone who believes the Atlantic is a loser and a sucker.  (MA)  4/28/21