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2022 Traveling Vietnam Wall Schedule


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Traveling Wall That Heals Vandalized
By Don Doyle


One of the traveling Memorial Walls That Heals was recently given a permanent home in John’s Creek, Georgia. The John’s Creek Veterans Association has been working on the set up of the permanent memorial since last July, and was going to have a Grand Opening celebration on March 28, 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic put the kibosh on that with the social distancing and stay at home requirements that were necessary to help control the spread of this deadly virus.


The Association was shocked recently to find that vandals had keyed about half of the panels of the installation and had taken a hammer to some of the other panels. Such behavior is beyond contempt. No matter the “reason” of self-righteous bravado vandals may give for their actions, the truth is that they are self-centered, insensitive cowards. These actions were done under cover of night. No courage there. One could imagine all kinds of righteous punishments for such actions.

Sgt. C. Dana Ramsey, 1/26/22

0331 machinegunner Vietnam e/2btn/9th Marines weapons plt 1965-1966 a/1btn/9th marines nov 1967..wounded again ( 3 ) looking for marines I served with.


James Duszynski, 7/6/21

Give them a public hanging on the street corner and let the buzzards pick their bones clean.


William Napoli, 7/5/21

Don't let me find them. USMC VIETNAM VET.


Michael Collier, 7/5/21

I would hope that the local police/sheriff would find out who it was and turn them over to us Vietnam Vets so we could give them a PROPER punishment.


Charles Costa, 6/13/21

Why does the wall not have some sort of video surveillance? I agree with someone else's comment; 2 yrs in the Infantry. The ARVN (Army Repub. of Vietnam) are in for life. If someone desserts & is caught they are sent back into the field with no weapon & a large letter "D" painted on the shirt back. No need to tell you, they had a short tour. RIP


James Spires, 5/7/21

I am licensed to carry and I would be happy to come set up a tent and guard the Wall for one week. I will assure you that it would not be damaged during my watch! I am sure there are other volunteers to do the same!


Steven Allen, 2/5/21

John, Charlene, Barbara. I believe all physically and mentally capable individuals should serve in the military for at least 2 years active service. Also, I believe anyone serving in a State position or a Federal position, elected or appointed should have served 2 yrs. active duty.


Pio Rivera, 11/6/20
I like to try to give back what this gave me.


Tiffany Fried, 10/13/20

I couldn't agree with these comments more! I absolutely agree the vandals should be forced to serve military time until they have the same understanding and gain some respect. Jail is to easy these days. They are treated like babies. My father was a Vietnam Veteran. His name was Nicholas Clericuzio if any soldiers knew him I'd love to hear any stories you might have. My email is . He passed away 9/5/93 unfortunately. I miss him so very much. God bless you all. I was coming on here to see if the traveling wall was coming to Long Island New York at all. Hopes I will see it one day. Life has been difficult lately and now I was involved in a bad multi car accident and doesn't seem that much can be done for me and I'm just left with a bunch of injuries and no vehicle... so I'm praying for something good because I won't even be able to get treatment soon within a car. My job was lost due to Covid. So I'm just trying to figure everything out as I need to make sure our house is taken care of before anything else. I wish my Dad was still here. When I see these acts of viscousness it angers me because so many of us are struggling and work our butts off being good people and helping others in society. Then you get these low-life's who live off everyone else and don't participate in society and hurt innocent people and cause damage and sometimes are purely evil but yet they are treated with a pat on the back and no repercussions. They have NO FEAR! NO CONSEQUENCES! This is the biggest problem! I'm so deeply sorry for our men and woman who gave and risk their life's for our great country. I truly thank you, respect you and pray for you.


Tanja Stoddard, 9/21/20

We were honored to have the Traveling Wall in Benson, AZ this last weekend. I was overwhelmed with emotions when looking and reading about the sacrifices of the people who served for our great Nation. Thank you to all of you who have served or are still serving our Great Nation.


Master Chief Petty Officer Retired, 5/13/20
Can't expect respect from A LOT of today's youth...they haven't been taught to respect themselves how are we to expect that they would respect anything.


Barbara Pleasant, 5/10/20
I agree wholeheartedly with you Charlene. Actually, I concur with you all. I'm bubbling to a boil. How despicable, disrespectful, degrading and lowdown. In the innocence and prime of his life my brother died on Vietnam's soil. My husband was psychologically and emotionally scarred and died from complications of Agent Orange.


Charlene Scruggs, 5/10/20

At some point and possibly through mimicking behavior and attitude for our country of some in higher offices the honor of our nation has crumbled.  They have no reverence, respect and love for the freedom secured by many whom have made our country free. If found these destroyers should be rightfully punished by deploying them to a third world country. Better yet, force enlist them into our military and insure they get the "proper" treatment and experiences accordingly.


Janet Exum, 5/10/20
My husband fought for your freedom.  I hope you get caught and put in a hell hole in military prison and make f*** boys out of all you f******.











Arthur Tucker, 5/9/20

A couple of weeks ago I parked at Walmart in Trussville, AL and while I was inside someone pushed a shopping cart into the side of my new vehicle. I made them check the cameras and they said that the person that did it looked at the front and then walked to the back before rolling the cart into the side. I have a Special Forces plate on the front and a retired Army license plate on the the rear. Walmart paid for the damage but if I had seen the person I would have made sure they paid dearly. I didn't know that we had those kind in the area but obviously they are all around us.


Robert Craig Hubbard, 5/9/20

This is an example of the cowardice that was displayed by the draft dodgers and anti-american protesters during the Vietnam war itself. I vividly remember our flight home into Seattle WA at 0300 just to avoid the protesters. We were told not to wear any uniforms in the airport - only civilian clothes. Military standby flight status was given the lowest priority. It took me 3 days to get on a flight home. None of us asked for the war but we proudly served. Welcome home brothers.


William Napoli, 5/9/20

And we fought for your freedoms WTF?


Larry Bishop, 5/9/20

Let's get a reward fund up for the capture of these vandals.












John Morgan, 5/9/20

If caught maybe they should be drafted into military service and no matter they way they act or perform not be given a discharge until they get the knowing and feeling how it is to serve. Put into military action in a combat zone as well to see what all the veterans that gave their life for serving our country. Being put into prison is too lenient of a sentence for their actions. 

March 24, 2022     Bay St. Louis, MS     Alice Moseley Folk Art & Antique Museum


March 31, 2022     Garner, NC     Show N Tell Ministries


April 7, 2022     Crawfordsville, AR     City of Crawfordsville & Crittenden County


April 21, 2022     Knoxville, TN     Knox County & VVA Chapter 107






April 28, 2022     New Castle, DE     William Penn High School                


May 5, 2022     Findlay, OH     Findlay AMVETS Post 21


May 12, 2022     Belvidere, IL     Flora Grange No. 1762                              


May 19, 2022     Winchester, IN     Randolph County Veteran Services Office


May 27, 2022     Erie, PA     Lily Broadcasting/Erie News Now


June 2, 2022     Norwalk, CT     The Wall That Heals Norwalk Committee


June 23, 2022     Chisholm, MN     United Way of NEMN – United for Veterans


June 30, 2022     Franklin, WI     Civic Celebration Commission


July 7, 2022     Chicago Heights, IL     Bloom Township


July 14, 2022     Battle Creek, MI     Calhoun County Red White and Blue Foundation


July 21, 2022     Eagan, MN     Community of Eagan & The Dart Network


July 28, 2022     Winsted, MN     American Legion Post 407


August 4, 2022     Tama, IA     Meskwaki American Legion Post 701 & Z-Line LTD


August 11, 2022     Kearney, NE     37th Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Reunion


August 18, 2022     Mead, CO     Town of Mead


August 25, 2022     Payson, AZ     The Wall That Heals – Payson






September 8, 2022     Warrenton, MO     The Wall That Heals – Warrenton


September 15, 2022     Middletown, NY     K of C Blessed Titus Brandsma Council & Our Lady of Mount Carmel


September 22, 2022     Bedford, MA     VA Bedford Healthcare System


September 29, 2022     Methuen, MA     Methuen Veterans


October 6, 2022     Sayre, PA     The Wall That Heals Penn-York Committee


October 20, 2022     Charlotte, NC     Duke Energy Carolinas


October 27, 2022     Anahuac, TX     The Wall That Heals – Chambers County


November 3, 2022     San Antonio, TX     Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Texas (TMMTX)


November 10, 2022     Cabot, AR     Cabot Welcomes The Wall That Heals