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Top 2 Far-Off Locations for Veterans

March 26, 2018
USVCP Staff                    


Overseas retirement is a consideration for many military retirees and service-connected veterans due to generally lower costs of living and exciting cultural explorations. For U.S. military veterans, retiring abroad is even more advantageous, monetarily speaking.
For instance, most veterans usually have guaranteed pensions on top of Social Security benefits, which make a retired veteran relatively wealthier than other Americans, and extraordinarily wealthier compared to citizens of developing countries, according to many demographic pundits. 
Retirement location is important for veterans for many different reasons. However, in terms of living well off retirement pay and/or compensation benefits, some places stand out more than others. According to demographic and economic statistics, here are the top 2 places for veterans to seriously consider:










1. Philippines
Already a popular ex-pat retirement destination, the Philippines has an extraordinarily large veteran community. According to the Veteran Journal, the Philippines has an estimated 2,000+ ex-Air Force members alone, making it the most popular place for many veteran retirees. Navy veterans also have a large presence in the Philippines.
Aside from its scenic landscape and low cost of living, the Philippines is the only foreign country where the Veterans Administration (VA) operates a stand alone ambulatory care facility.
2. Panama
Panama is another common destination for military retirees. Its proximity to the United States, cleanliness, and first-world amenities are all benefits for veterans and regular retirees alike. Furthermore, Panama offers outstanding retirement benefits.
Combined with the benefits, the use of U.S. dollars, and the use of English language, Panama is a top location for many military retirees. 

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