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June 25, 2018



Mr. Tom Doe
123 Main St.
City, State Zip Code


Dear Mr. Doe:


As you are probably aware, I’ve been working with Tom Smith, VSO, for more than three years now.   I am very pleased with the quality of his work, particularly his ability to compile information about my disabilities.  But, as his supervisor, I am writing you because of the difficulty I am having with making contact with him.


While I do make frequent telephone calls to your organization, I have time and time again requested that Mr. Smith deal directly with me and not my spouse.  I have asked repeatedly that he call me directly to set up an appointment, follow through on information needed, or to simply inquire about something associated with my disability claim.


On many occasions, Mr. Smith has simply ignored my requests and called my wife directly.  Often, even after I left a message on his office phone, or even emailed him.


Once again, I must ask that Mr. Smith follow requests.  As he continues to ignore my requests it takes time away from my work to contact you and other people who may benefit from him interacting with me.  I am sure you can understand why this is important to me.

While Mr. Smith may know about the appropriate procedures and protocol as a VSO, he has continued to fail in follow through appropriately. Many of the veterans I know are up in arms about the lack of communication and continue to complain to me about his style of ignoring veterans.


As I mentioned, I am very disappointed with Mr. Smith as my VSO. I am not looking to make life difficult for Mr. Smith, I only want him to be a little more user-friendly for the people who need him most. Once again, I simply ask that you speak to him about following proper procedures that your office has in place, and to please follow my simple requests to communicate with me.




                                                                                                                               James Doe


Sample Letter Complaining About VSO