Those That


May 26, 2018



Mr. Martin Doe

Veteran Organization

312 W. Main St.

City, State Zip Code


Dear Mr. Doe:

                Thanks to you, ABC Company, Inc. has offered me a position as a web designer beginning October 15, 2018. I realize you are probably just finishing up with the holiday madness, but I want to give you a heads up that I’d like to stop by and see you before I start my new position.


                Thanks so much for the kind words you had to say about me to Mr. Smith, the managing director at Stafcon. The designer’s position promises to be grueling, but the internship I had at the new computer program offered by Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment at the VA was a good training ground for anything they plan to throw my way.


                Thanks again. I look forward to seeing you soon.




                                                                                                                              Bradley T. Doe



Sample Thank You Letter To Voc Rehab Counselor