Those That


May 24, 2018



Ms. Jane Doe
123 Main St.
City, State Zip Code


Dear Ms. Doe:


For the last several months that I have been attending group therapy with you, my friends in the group have been overly critical, paranoid, disinterested, and mean-spirited toward me and others in the group. Never before have I had such a problem in group therapy as I’m having in your group. My complaint is the same for virtually every group session I’ve attended.


Imagine the trouble this situation has caused me?  What if being in such a volatile environment excercerbates my anxiety and depression?  What if I’m not able to get better because group members continue to attack me?


Have you been getting similar complaints from other group members? Perhaps you should split this group up?  If not, then I will seriously have to discontinue participating in the group.


Please call me when you’ve had time to assess this problem and let me know your plans for correcting the situation. I look forward to hearing from you in the next couple of days.






Mary Doe


Sample Letter Complaining About Group Therapy