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Role of Veteran-Friendly Organizations

By USVCP Staff

Adopted From:  GuideStar
December 12, 2019   


How Many Veterans Organizations Are There? More than 45,000 nonprofits devoted to veterans and their families are registered with the IRS.


Who Are They? The IRS recognizes different types of nonprofit organizations. Here’s how veterans nonprofits break down in IRS terms:

  • The majority of veterans nonprofits—65 percent—are posts or organizations such as the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.
  • The next largest group—18 percent—of veterans nonprofits are charitable organizations, such as Operation Homefront, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Vietnam Veterans Workshop, and the Wounded Warrior Project. [Charitable organizations are 501(c)(3) nonprofits, which are organized specifically for charitable purposes and can accept tax-deductible contributions. 
  • The remaining 17 percent fall among several other categories of non-charitable nonprofits.












What do veterans organizations do? The answer to this question is as varied as the organizations.


Veterans nonprofits:

  • Help veterans transition to civilian life
  • Help veterans file claims and negotiate the Veterans Administration system
  • Help wounded veterans heal physically and mentally and cope with challenges presented by long-term injuries
  • Assist wounded veterans’ families and caregivers
  • Sponsor research on medical issues affecting veterans
  • Provide financial assistance to veterans’ families and wounded veterans
  • Provide places where veterans can network and spend time with other veterans
  • Provide educational programs on Americanism and patriotism
  • Advocate for veterans’ rights and legislation
  • Act as resources on veterans’ issues

Role of Veteran-Friendly Organizations