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Air Force


March 17, 2021


F-106 All Troops Reunion.  Facility:  Hilton, 200 Realto Place, Melbourne, FL 32901.  Point of Contact Name: Bob Kwiecinski.  POC:  Telephone Number: 734-771-9501.  POC Email:  Comments: Open to anyone who flew, maintained or supported the F-106.


August 5, 2021

Former Air Force One Aircrew and Maintenance Crew Reunion.  Facility: University of Dayton Marriott Hotel,1414 S. Patterson Blvd., Dayton OH 45409.  Point of Contact Name: Kim Johnson.  Point of Contact Telephone: 865-399-6427.  Point of Contact Email:  Comments: If any former AF One Aircrew or Maintenance Crew has not received information on the reunion please contact CMSgt (Ret) Kim Johnson.


October 6, 2021


366 Fighter Wing Assoc. - "the gunfighters" Reunion.  Facility: Casino Del Sol, 5655 W. Valencia Rd., Tucson, AZ 85757.  Point of Contact Name: Branch Davis (reunion host).  Point of Contact Telephone: 904-721-3275.  Point of Contact Email:  Comments: Reunion information available on assoc. website:  All current and former members of the 366th FW are welcome to attend. You do not need to be a member of the assoc.











October 7, 2021


435th OMS Enroute Maintenance Reunion.  Facility: Hampton Inn, 430 Regency Park O'Fallon, IL 62269.  Point of Contact Name: Stanley Miller.  Point of Contact Telephone: 910-922-4383.
Point of Contact Email: Comments:
Businesses - Do NOT contact me. I will contact you, if I want your services.




September 24, 2020


13 Engineers (C) Battalion Association Reunion.  Facility: Hampton Inn Indianapolis,  2244 E. Perry Rd., Plainfield, IN 46168.  Point of Contact Name: Gene Reed.  Point of Contact Telephone: 317-272-4299.  Point of Contact Email:  Comments: Anyone who served with the 13th Engineers is welcome.


4th Battalion 39th Infantry 9th Infantry Division 66-69 Bearcat - Dong Tam Reunion.  Facility: Hilton Executive Park, 5624 Westpark Dr., Charlotte, NC 28217.  Point of Contact Name: Jim Haines.  Point of Contact Telephone: 303-809-1815.  Point of Contact Email:  Comments: Support personnel are also invited to attend.   











October 21, 2020


554th Engineers Vietnam Vets Reunion. Facility: All Towne Suites, 250 Carmel Valley Way, St. Robert, MO 65584.  Point of Contact Name: Tammy Milam.  Point of Contact Email:  Comments: Will be 3 days of fun at Fort Leonard Wood.  Reunion was set for June but had to be changed due to the virus so we are doing Oct now.


May 14-16, 2021


8th Armored Division Association Reunion. Facility: Westin Dulles,  2345 E. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, PA 19125.  Point of Contact Name: Anthony Waskie.  Point of Contact Telephone: 215-423-3930.  Point of Contact Email:  Comments: Annual Reunion of the 8th Armored Division Association. Evening Dinner; Tour to Museum of the Army at Ft. Belvoir to dedicate a memorial; visiting Washington, D.C. to see war memorials.


June 2, 2021


94th Infantry Division WW II Historical Society Reunion.  Facility: Crowne Plaza – Worthington, 6500 DoubleTree Ave., Columbus OH 43229.  Point of Contact Name: John Clyburn.  Point of Contact Telephone: 908-781-1406.  Point of Contact Email:  Comments: Rescheduled from 6/10/2020 to 6/2/2021 due to corona-virus.  Same venues.











Coast Guard


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Marine Corps


September 7, 2020


Marine Corps Cryptologic Association (MCCA) Reunion.  Facility: Orleans Hotel & Casino,  4800 W. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas NV 89014.  Point of Contact Name: Edgar Kitt.  Point of Contact Telephone: HP 702-454-1646.  Point of Contact Email:  Comments: NEED ANY INFO ABOUT THE REUNION - YOU CAN ALSO CONTACT THE MCCA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: AUBREY HENSON - 445 SAINT ANDREWS DRIVE, OAKLAND, TN 38060/ or HP 901-424-8995.












September 23, 2020 (Cancelled)


Marine Air Traffic Control Association (MATCA) Reunion.  Facility: Drury Plaza Hotel, 105 S. St. Mary's St., San Antonio TX 78205.  Point of Contact Name: Stephen Harris.  Point of Contact.  Telephone: 509-499-8137.  Point of Contact Email:  Comments: Reunion is located downtown San Antonio on the historic Riverwalk. Any current or former Marine air traffic controller or maintenance technician (radar, comm or NAVAIDS) is invited to attend.


November 22, 2020


Parris Island 3013 Reunion.  Facility:  Cedar Key Inn, 11151 NW 112th Pl., Chiefland, FL  32626.  Point of Contact Name: Harry Hopwood.  Point of Contact Telephone: 352-493-1392.  Point of Contact Email:  Comments: Looking for all who were in Parris Island, SC July 1967, Platoon 3013.