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Recent Benefit Changes for Veterans

April 6, 2018
USVCP Staff                    


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently amended the rules for peripheral neuropathy, and Project 112.  The new changes take place immediately, and affects tens of thousands of veterans.  The new rules make changes for treatment and VA compensation.


For instance, the VA has established a new ground rule for treatment and compensation that ends the submission deadline and allows the veteran to place a claim for peripheral neuropathy any time after discharge from the service.  The veteran must be Honorably discharged to be considered for the benefit.


In the past, in order for the VA to acknowledge and accept peripheral neuropathy as a service-connected disability, any veteran exposed to Agent Orange had to be diagnosed within one year after leaving Vietnam.  The new rule change allows a veteran to make a request for peripheral neuropathy at any time for those Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange as long as the submittal is made as a “secondary disability” to diabetes and or other qualifying disabilities.












SHAD Rule Changes


Additionally, Project 112/Shipboard Hazard and Defense program “SHAD,” which is the name of the program for veterans, both shipboard and land-based, who were exposed to biological and chemical testing conducted by the U.S. military between 1962 – 1973. The VA will provide physical examinations to veterans and will receive free medical care for the conditions related to exposure.


Also, veterans may be eligible for disability compensation if they have a service-connected disability as a direct result from SHAD.

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