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Veterans Exposed To Chemical Agents

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Veterans Exposed To Chemical Warfare Agents


Project 112 involved biological and chemical warfare agents, simulants, tracers and decontamination chemicals.  Protective measures were used when biological or chemical agents were tested; prior research suggests that the other agents are unlikely to cause long-term health effects without signs of acute toxicity soon after exposure.  Most veterans were exposed to only one or a few of these chemicals, but some veterans may have been involved in multiple tests and repeated exposures.  The agents included:


  • Biological agents – coxiella burnetii (OU), francisella tularensis staphylococcal enterotoxin, type B (PG2)
  • Biological simulants – bacillus globigii (BG), Escherichia coli (EM), serratia marcscens (SM)
  • Chemical agents – sarin (GB), soman (GD), tabun (GA), VX (p32 radiolabeled VX), ester of benzylic acid (BZ)
  • Tracers – Tiara, calcofluor, zinc cadmium sulfide (ZnCdS), uranine dye (sodium fluorescein), phosphorous 32 (P32)
  • Chemical simulants – Methylacetoacetate (MAA), sulfur dioxide (SO2), di 2-ethylhexyl phosphite (DEHP). Tri (2 ethyhexyl) phosphate (TOF), bis (2 ethyl-hexyl) hydrogen phosphite
  • Decontaminates – b-propiolactone
  • Riot control agent – CS (tear gas)











Take Action

All enrolled Deseret Test Center (Project 112/SHAD) veterans will be offered a complete “primary Care New Patient History and Physical Examination” even if the veteran has previously received health care from VA.












The name of the specific Project 112/SHAD test that the veteran was involved in and possible exposures should be recorded in the patient’s medical record.  This information will be obtained from the notification letter from VBA and from reports of the veteran.

Each VA medical facility will have a designated representative to provide information about Deseret Test Center (Project 112/SHAD) and possible adverse health effects.


Contact Information

VA Help Line:  1-800-749-8387

DoD Direct Telephone Hotline:  1-800-497-6261