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Military Space-A Available for Veterans

August 15, 2018

USVCP Staff Writers


When President Trump signed into law the new National Defense Authorization Act, unknowingly, disabled veterans were granted a huge travel perk that has virtually gone unnoticed.  Not only will the new perk save veterans thousands of dollars, but it will increase morale, esprit de corps, and open the door for many veterans to connect with the military again in ways they can only image.  One veteran said, “I’m shocked!  I can’t believe the military has opened this door to us.”


Under the new Disabled Veterans Access to Space-A Travel Act, veterans with a service-connected, permanent disability rating of 100% can hop on any scheduled or unscheduled military flight within the continental United States (and scheduled overseas flights) operated by Air Mobility Command (AMC).















The new Act would authorize veterans who have a service-connected, and permanent disability rated as 100 percent to travel on Space-A at no additional cost to the Department of Defense (DoD) and without aircraft modifications, according to military officials.


This is a huge benefit to disabled veterans who travel on aircraft.  Many veterans find airports unaccommodating, and difficult to get around.  Flying from military terminals are much less congested, and will probably be more suitable for disabled veterans.


Sign Up for Space A Travel

Complete AMC Form 140, Space Available Travel Request, And e-mail it to your desired AMC Passenger Terminal.


Required Sign-Up Info:

  • Email address
  • Personal information (Rank/Grade, First Middle Last Name)
  • Service Branch (AF, Army, Marines, Navy, CG)
  • Status (Active, Guard, Reserve, Retired, Disabled Veteran, etc.)
  • Other Travelers (dependents names)
  • Total number of seats required
  • Travel status (See Travel Eligibility-Category I-VI)
  • Leave Dates (Start-End Leave Dates )
  • Overseas Travel Ready Status (Have Required Passports/Visas etc.)
  • 5-Destinations (Sign-up for up to 5 Destinations e.g. Germany, USA, Japan, Alaska, or Hawaii)        


Please Do Not Provide Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs)


Download Sign-Up Form

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Evan Pinther, 10/29/19
Are spouses also granted Space A?  If Spouses are not allowed to fly with 100% Disabled Veterans this privilege in not so good.


Frank Douglas, 7/30/19
Any veteran who receives VA compensation should be able to flight Space A. Most will not anyway and most active duty will not either as they do not have time to wait and burn up leave. Many veterans who are 100 percent disabled have mobility issues and require extra care and people to accompany them to get around or have communication problems so they will not be able to go. So this provision sounds good but it is just a tiny 'teaser' for veterans as most will not be able to go Space A. It should be first come, first served if there is any space for any disabled veteran. Why would that be so difficult to do? It is Space Available in the first place. This provision was included and passed by members of congress who mostly never served in the armed forces and have no idea what it means to those who have.


Marvin Mann, 6/1/19

I wanna sign up for this space Travel.


Dennis Ratcliffe, 3/12/19

I believe this does not apply to your spouse just the Disabled Veteran.


Roger Lee, 10/9/18

Yes, this has been a great benefit that I've used to travel the world (when lucky enough to get a seat) over the years. Frankly - and I'm sorry if this pisses some folks off here - I'm saddened to hear this as its already difficult as a Retiree who's earned this benefit over many years of service in the worst places on earth leaving me 90% disabled, its already difficult to get selected for a Cat 6 seat at rollcall due to all the dependent family members and higher categories competing for the few available seats, we Cat 6 pax get the scraps if any remain. Its already a gamble but gonna be almost impossible now they are apparently opening the flood gates...Well, as they say all good things must end eventually...


Clarence Tyler, 9/16/18

I am so glad that this is being done, because it is hard to get around in other Airports. This is a win for Veterans. Thank you very much.


Sedrick Mitchell, 9/7/18

Don't get overly excited about this, because this change only authorizes veterans rated 100 percent, permanent and total.  If you are retired military, you've always had this benefit, regardless if you are rated 100 percent or not.  What they fail to tell you is there are six categories for flying Space A, and guess what category the 100 percent veterans will be in???   Yep, you guessed it, category six (VI), which really means that 100 percent veterans can be waiting a very long time for that free flight to Hawaii, just depends on your travel dates.  So this is not a real benefit, unless 100 percent veterans are moved up to a higher category.


Ray Nolan Hetherly, 9/3/18

This will be great!


Bryant Hunt, 8/26/18

I don't think this is new, and if so he did it unknowingly witch ask the question does he really care, it?s like a opp, great job. I don't see the new Perk, the new would have been if it was vets with 50% or more.


Jon Schiff, 8/26/18

Could I get a fax number for Space A, NAS Coronado?


Teddy Corral, 8/20/18

Are there flights to Maui , Hawaii?


Ferdinand Pacis, 8/20/18

Finally have a President that cared for Veterans.


Don Raines, 8/19/18

Is this for real? Can I catch a flight from a military base to another base? And also take my wife and fly for free? Never heard of this benefit. Any additional info please let me know.


John Canas, 8/17/18

Thank you!












Kippin Tillman, 8/16/18

Impressed, very grateful!


James Wilkes, 8/16/18

This is good for 1 in 1000, no benefits to regular folks like most all these other "perks".  Like the big tax break, who gained???? I got 2-3 dollars and insurance, etc. went up 10.00.  It's all a big joke.


Parker Ferguson, 8/16/18



John Telesio, 8/16/18

As I read this, CONUS to International scheduled MATS flights are permitted for eligible vets and dependents. Can any one confirm?


Thomas Niebling, 8/16/18

Is this real or a scam?