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For many reasons, veterans are reluctant to ask medical professionals to complete Disability Benefit Questionnaires (DBQ).  Far too often, veterans have reported to various sources that asking medical professionals to complete DBQs relevant to their disability presents unnecessary problems.


USVCP intends to eliminate problems associated with veterans getting specific types of information that may be useful in their pursuit of  establishing a service-connected disability.  Thus, another benefit offered to Veteran ID Cardholders and Discharge Certificate Cardholders is our free Medical Forms Request service.


How It Works


Complete the form below and we will send medical professionals the DBQ of your choosing, and write a letter on your behalf asking the medical professional to simply complete the DBQ and send it to you.  Enlosed in each Medical Forms Request letter is a self-addressed envelope with the veterans address on it.  No one will see the DBQ except the veteran who made the requested.

Medical Forms Request

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