The novelty marriage certificate is a great sentimental and keepsake item that you can use to display proudly in your home or office.  The novelty marriage certificate Features Complete marriage details such as full name of each partner, date of marriage, location of and presiding official.  Each Marriage Certificate comes with optional marriage oath on the back of certificate.


Note:  The novelty marriage certificate is for entertainment purposes and should not be used an official marriage document.


Certificate Details

  • Marriage Certificate size: 20 mil thickness (credit card size)
  • Marriage Certificate dimensions: 3.375" x 2.125" (85.6mm x 54mm)


Frame Details


Color:  Gold/Silver

Finish Type:  Metallic

Size:  4” by 3”

Metallic frame:  Embellished beaded design

Frame back:  Covered with black velvet


Security Features
For additional certificate security, the Marriage Certificate gives you a secure HoloKote watermark across the surface of each certificate. The watermark  works to prevent tampering and counterfeiting. The HoloKote watermark is highlighted as a high visibility security seal for your security and protection.

Marriage Certificate