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Many Veterans Eligible for Refund
February 7, 2018



Veterans may reclaim taxes wrongly taken from their disability severance pay

Veterans who received disability severance pay after January 1991 may qualify for a special tax refund.


The refund comes after the 2016 Combat Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act, which asks the Department of Defense (DoD) to identify individuals who were wrongly taxed and provide them a chance for a tax refund.


The DoD will notify eligible veterans by mail, and then they have one year to file a claim for the refund.


Eligible veterans include those who received disability severance pay dating back to January 17, 1991 and qualified for disability from Veterans Affairs (VA).


This payment is a one-time lump sum given to veterans with combat-related injuries that cause a separation from the military.


Eligible veterans who desire to file a tax refund claim can get more information from a volunteer tax representatives available at most military installations.


Act quickly!  You have one year to file refund claim.  

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