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Mandatory Things Needed For Your Disability Claim
July 6, 2020

By USVCP Staff Writers


As reported to us by our consulting Veterans Service Officers (VSO), there are many items needed by a veteran to support his/her claim.  While each disability case is unique, and each  requires a different set of documentation, the following represent "must have" items that will strongly support a veteran with their disability claim:












1.  DD Form 214

2.  Marriage certificate(s)

3.  Birth certificate

4.  Social security card (including spouse and children)

5.  VCAA Notice

6.  Stressor Letter

7.  Buddy Statement

8.  Medical documentation from military and civilian records

9.  Psychological records from military and civilian sources

10.  Military C-file

Also, VSOs strongly encourage a veteran to "open up" during exams with medical and mental health professionals.  Reports from our consulting VSOs all over the Nation have indicated that veterans have a tendency to "clam up" during medical and psychological examinations.  Expressing your pain and suffering to Comp & Pen examiners is paramount to your claim.  VSOs are adamant; “A veteran must never miss an examination appointment.”

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Monica Moreno, 8/15/20

I can't understand why it is so difficult for my nephew who did 4 tours Iraq, Fullaja & ? in the Marine Corp was behind his best friend when he was shot in the head & killed. He came home with PTSD. My father served in Vietnam US Army. My son US Navy Corpsman stationed with the Marines serving 8 years & counting. These are just a few family members that have served & sacrificed for our country what I don't understand is why the men and women who have selflessly served this country can't get the assistance they need without jumping through these ignorant governments hoops. It disgusts me that these politicians are getting paid disgustingly enormous amounts of money and the Men & Women fighting for this country don't get paid s***.  I have watched my nephew fall apart not wanting to live and the VA can't get him in for months. My father who was injured in Vietnam has to travel almost 2 hours and wait months for an appointment to get medical care. My son who injured his knee and back while deployed can't get medical care because he missed the window to get a document signed. Why are these Men and Women being treated this way it's disgusting they deserve better from this government. These Veterans expect to come home & live their lives the best they can the VA needs to step their s*** up stop pushing drugs, stop making them wait, pay them more money, treat them like the Hero's they are. Football players, athletes are paid millions in this country and that's appauling considering a Soldier who is sacrificing his life to those athletes and everyone else safe but don't even make a couple thousand a month.