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Having Debt With The VA

By Michael Nielsen

April 30, 2018                    


We must stop the V.A. from taking (sometimes) life saving pain medications from veterans, just because kids are dying from drug over doses. I worked in the drug treatment business for 25+ years, mostly with kids. The V.A. Used to have signs in their clinics that said "you have a right not to be in pain." Now they are taking most off and pushing them to the streets. There detox ideas are poor at best; In Oregon they only have one doctor able to prescribe suboxin, the most pain free way to help bring them off. They are in the dark ages letting vets suffer in detox after talking them into the drugs in the first place. We all know the V.A. Has a pill for everything (even though some are worse than the disease they are meant to cure). Sure some people are conning to get drugs and many seniors are selling their pills just to try and live decent; but do your home work .













Many of our vets have suffered enough, it's barbaric to send them to the streets to get the medicine they need.  The war on drugs has never worked. Wake up America, many people don't feel good and we need to stop jailing them and spend the money they save on "treatment on demand." All drug addicts (that don't need drugs for pain) at some time in their life come to the place that they want help. Let’s start there instead of torching our veterans and others who need pain management.


About Arthur:  Michael Nielsen.  25+ years as a drug counselor and drug treatment administrator, with
40 years of alcohol and illegal drugs. Also, a combat veteran with two tours in Vietnam.