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Gun Ownership In Jeopardy for Veterans

By USVCP Staff Writers
August 6, 2019                    


In support of recent Red Flag law modifications, President Donald Trump, on Monday, August 5, 2019, made a commitment to the American people that he would personally see to it that powerful weapons are kept out of the hands of people who may pose a risk to the public.


How will the Red Flag modifications affect 2nd Amendment rights afforded to all Americans?  According to gun advocates, the impact could be detrimental for all Americans and especially veterans.  












The National Rifle Association (NRA) has generally been opposed to Red Flag laws. Their passage has also raised concerns in Congress about the potential impact on the 2nd Amendment rights of those veterans who have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or have a third-party fiduciary appointed to manage their monetary benefits.


To offset the Red Flag modifications, Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tennessee, and Rep. Colin Petersen, D-Minnesota, introduced a Bill called the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act.


The Bill would prevent veterans from losing their ability to buy or own a firearm when the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) approves having a third-party help manage their VA benefits.












Also, Roe has shown strong opposition to a Bill that passed in the House earlier this year that was to expand background checks.  Roe argued the Bill would restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of veterans with mental health conditions, and hamper their rights of gun ownership.

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Jim Boyd, 9/24/20
As a Vietnam War Veteran I believe no one should have the right to mess with our 2nd amendment gun rights. We all have watch Trump do about anything he wants for the passed 4 years. His cronies in Congress have done nothing but help him. Trump has called our dead brothers in arms losers & sucker, allowed Putin get away with putting a bounty on our troops & said John McCane was no war hero. This from a draft dodger of the 60?s. If re-elected I wouldn?t put it passed Trump to do away with our 2nd Amendment rights or what ever else he wants to do.


Ronald Christopher, 4/27/20

James Nail is wrong.  Should make sure you have the facts before you write. The Puckle Gun was in existence at the time. It was an automatic machine gun.


Jack Baskin, 4/27/20

The person making the argument that no one wants to take our guns away should take a look at Virginia and what their legislature and Governor are trying to do. Also take a look at some of Biden's remaks then get back to us about that thinking.


Mike Lemley, 4/27/20

What the hell is wrong with everybody? If a person is mentally deranged regardless of whether he is a veteran or not should not be able to own a firearm. period. There's no way in hell ANYONE is going to take my guns. But, we have to use some common sense. I've lost confidence in the NRA.


Mike Lange, 4/27/20
The framers didn't put exception to the the right to own and carry a weapon so what right do these people to make changes to what rights our Veterans have.


James Greer, 1/31/20

No Government official, court, or official has any rights to change the Bill of Rights. If that does happen then War follows.











Monte Wilson, 12/16/19

Dear Mr Earl,
You served and earned the right to speak your mind. That does not however extend to slander of the President. Your criticism posted here is out of line. Your tone is nothing more than the expression of irrational hate in promoting some personal agenda. Stick to the facts.


Dear Mr. Nail,
Assault weapons are full automatic and generally designed for just that, assault. What large caliber assault weapons exist? An AR is basically a .22 caliber. It fires at the same rate as any other semi auto weapon. I am sick of folks like you demonizing weapons you are basically ignorant of in the name of promoting irrational hate and promoting some personal agenda. Stick to the facts.


David Gould, 11/16/19
First of all there are way to many Gun-Free Zones especially schools. That's why Shooters go there because they know that there's nobody there with a gun to respond back.  That one guy who has responded said that they don't want our guns is False because apparently he didn't hear Beto O'Roak let the cat out of the bag and has stated that's what the Democrats really want to do..All of these rifles out there are nothing but Semi-Automatic and not fully Automatic.  Fully Automatic rifles have been Outlawed since about the 1930's.


Michael Burke, 9/23/19
The AR15 is a cosmetic semi automatic rifle. With a bullet slightly larger than a 22 caliber. It has the same capacity as any other semi automatic rifle or pistol. Leave my 2nd Amendment rights alone.


Rodger McDonald, 8/11/19
Don't mess with us veterans.


Owens Earl, 8/8/19
I am a veteran and I won't to tell you this is all one big lie Donald Trump is nothing but a common lier. No one is trying to take your guns away from you, they are asking to stop selling automatically weapon him and the gun lobbyist want you to believe his lie.  They own him and 99% of the Republican government. And if you don't believe that just wait for the next massacre, it is coming and it may happen to your family members.


James Nail, 8/7/19

When the second amendment was made law the only guns available were single shot muzzle loaders. I am sick of the gun lobby trying to extend that to assault weapons of large caliber. I own hunting and target guns but I see no need for a civilian to own a military weapon and any hate filled kid to have access to them. Reasonable restrictions might save a few lives while the nutcase shooter pauses to reload. The NRA and gun industry is just trying to protect their income at the expense of the innocent.


Dick Deckert, 8/7/19

People are killed every day with legally purchased guns! Let's fix that first!!!!












John Drehobl, 8/7/19

I am one of the many Veterans ALREADY affected by this VA Problem. At 57 Years Old, I've never been had police called on me, never threatened anyone, have never been arrested or violent, I served in two branches of military full-time, held a Top Secret Clearance, was on the Personal Reliability Program, did high-level executive protection for visiting Presidents, Prime Ministers, Premiers, and resource protection, managed security teams for alert Minuteman Nuclear Missiles, was a Fire Team Leader onboard Alert Nuclear Airborne Command Aircraft, and as a civilian was a Deputy Sheriff, Prison Guard, Undercover Investigator, and Industrial Security Manager. I carried a Concealed Weapons Permit for DECADES without one incident. Yet the VA bogusly declared me  "Financially Incompetent," and then used my "Incompetency" to take away my Gun Rights. I do have controlled PTSD, but mine does not manifest in violence... it creates physical illnesses and decompensation leaving me sick in bed when severe. In fact, I became a Certified Hypnotherapist and help other Veterans and First Responders referred to me with Trauma and PTSD free of charge.  Yet... I am treated like a dangerous criminal and had my Rights stripped away without even a Federal Judge or Hearing. I am THE GUY that someone under fire would WANT there to protect them. This HAS to be stopped.