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Grants Available to Aging Veterans

By USVCP Staff Writers

July 21, 2018


For many veterans, aging, along with changes in their physical health makeup, declining health, and severe income adjustments, makes them eligible for many benefits they previously didn’t qualify for when they were younger. Surprisingly, to many veterans when they become aware of grants, scholarships, and free monetary compensation, they are shocked!  The shock transitions to acceptance that they are eligible to receive all sorts of compensation.  Not just from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), their home state, but, from many user-friendly organizations that have their best interest in mind.  For your information, here’s a brief overview about a few programs that are currently available to aging veterans.












1. The Injured Veterans Grant Program offers as much as $10,000 to those who sustained serious injuries during combat after 9/11. The Veterans Trust Fund is also available for various service-related causes.


2. The Homeownership Assistance Grant for $5,000 is available for those purchasing a home in many states (not all).


3. The Disabled Veteran’s Homestead Tax Credit is a new benefit from 2017 that provides 100 percent exemption of property taxes for 100 percent disabled service-connected veterans and indemnity compensation recipients. The Property Tax Exemption will reduce a veteran’s assessed home value for property tax purposes by $1,850. To qualify, one must have served during war or 18 months of peacetime.


4. Many Veterans Residential Care Facilities have residential and nursing beds for honorably discharged veterans in many states.  Ask your VSO or contact a local Veterans Service Organization for more information.












5. The Brandstad-Reynolds Scholarship Fund offers post-secondary scholarships to children of deceased military members who died during active status after 9/11. Children with a parent who was killed in action after 9/11 are eligible for up to $11,844 per year in tuition assistance at a post-secondary institution through War Orphans Education Aid. There is also a smaller benefit for children with a parent who died prior to 9/11.


6. The National Guard Tuition Benefits for members in good standing.


7. Many states provide honorary high school diplomas to qualifying veterans who didn’t graduate due to service.  Again, see your VSO or local Veterans Organization for more details.


8. Lifetime hunting/fishing licenses at a reduced rate and specialty license plates are also available to eligible veterans.