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Veteran-Friendly Organizations

Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation 
1268 N. Interstate Dr.
Norman, OK 73072
Telephone: 405-550-8806

The Foundation set a goal of helping 1,000 veterans to receive a 100% rating this year (2018). As of today, 968 veterans have received a 100% rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). A new goal will be established for 2019.  Will you be included?


Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation has food sacks available to those in need. An application for assistance is available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. A DD Form 214 or military discharge is required for veterans who want to apply. For more information call 550-8806, Ext. 103, to request a food sack.


Note:  All of us at the Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation would like everyone to know that most of the thousands of veterans and surviving spouses who visited us in 2019 were able to receive the VA benefits for which they were eligible. We had over 1,300 approved at the 100% rate for their service-connected disabilities.


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