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Benefits to Dishonorably Discharged Veterans 

By USVCP Staff Writers
September 10, 2019                    


Senator  Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has made it abundantly clear that  if she is elected President, by the end of her first term the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) would expand access to health care and housing assistance and benefits to more than 500,000 veterans who discharged from the Armed Forces with an other-than-honorable discharge.


According to Harris, "Veterans with PTSD tend to act out. They tend to self-medicate. Which means they're going to be on drugs or they may be an alcoholic or they may react in ways not compatible with military service.  And, they're going to get into fights and many of them have really short fuses. And guess what happens to those veterans? All of a sudden they don't qualify for VA benefits."












Harris goes on to mention all things benefits for Dishonorably discharged veterans will change if she is elected President.  Harris also reported in a private conversation with the Senate Armed Services Committee last month that she is adamant about providing benefits to veterans who were “kicked out” of the military.  Harris said, “It’s not fair for the veterans suffering from PTSD, MST, TBI, and drug abuse.  The military gave them the problems, and they want to punish them at the same time.  It's not right and I plan to fix it.”

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Lisandro Dehoyos, 12/16/19
As a combat veteran who served in Vietnam 1968, I can honestly say, that the experience combat soldiers experienced was quiet traumatic, and do understand their behavior. This veterans do deserve a second chance, many of which served time at long bing jail and went on to commit crimes, as a result. The negativity for this veterans is totally uncalled for.












Antonio Silveria, 10/20/19
Many of these folks with "Other than honorable" discharges would reenlist in a second if they were afforded the opportunity. Many have matured and overcome the mistakes they made. Some people deserve a second chance, not all will take it and those are the ones that shouldn't get back in.


Ronald Christopher, 10/16/19
Harris is full of BS. The military did not give dishonorable discharges to those who did not deserve one. They brought it upon themselves. How about taking responsibility for once in your lives. And you can forget about PTSD. It simply does not exist. It cannot be explained except, do you have dreams? We all dream. Get off the drugs and the booze. Need help, pick up a copy of: A Question Unanswered, PTSD. You can get it on Amazon.


Michael Burke, 10/5/19
Less than Honorable Discharges can be reversed. The VA has made it easier to change a discharge to Honorable.


Frederic Storm, 10/4/19

Thank God she'll never be President.


Gene Stewart, 9/28/19
I wouldn't vote for her either, but Charles Radloff on 9/11/19 stated, We fought the big war, WWll, and never heard this thing called PTSD!! Well it was called Shell Shock back then and yes many Service Men had it, but was not recognized with it. I had a Uncle that was one of a few that survived a ship being overran by the Japanese during WWII. He was an alcoholic most of his life and never kicked it until he was put in a Veterans Home. The reason was Shell shock and never got any help for his condition until he was ready to die from it. He did not last long in the Veterans Home before he died and should have been recognized sooner. Something has to be done about our Veterans, but if you could not control yourself and received other than a Honorable Condition Discharge, maybe we need to look at that discharge and what caused it. The congress woman may be on the right track, but research needs to be done on the matter for causes.


Jim McMahon, 9/11/19

There is NO WAY I would vote for a person that supports this idea, she is out of touch.


Charles Radloff, 9/11/19
Congresswomen Harris, I was a supporter of you until I read your position stated in the above text, not now, I even question my support for you as a senator from California. I served 5 years as a "deep water sailor", your position on Dishonorable Discharges (that is what they are DISHONORABLE) make me feel like "chopped liver". We fought the big war, WWll, and never heard this thing called PTSD!!


Thomas Paul, 9/11/19

I agree and support the idea to an extent. I would not provide a blanket bill to "all" who have been discharged with a less than honorable or dishonorable status. If there is documented evidence of them serving in a war zone or environment, or other evidence regarding PTSD, TBI or MST, we should provide the appropriate benefits and care. However, if they have never served in a hostile environment that could cause PTSD, or there is no documented evidence of TBI or MST, that is a different matter. If they were discharged due to behavior considered unfit for military duty and committed criminal offenses, then maybe they do not deserve the benefits of those who have served honorably.


John Minnella, 9/11/19

No way.  An "honorable" discharge is earned & pretty simple to get. To be dishonorably discharged takes more than can be overlooked or forgiven.  Very serious crimes, treason, cowardice, etc., cannot be overlooked. Ms. Harris, never having put her life on the line for this country, has no idea what an honorable discharge means.












Redd Bojo, 9/11/19

Senator Kamala Harris...F*** you.  Re: Discharges other than Honorable...General under Honorable OK, the made your choices to dishonor yourselves and your with it.