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Access To Military Installations May Be Delayed 

By USVCP Staff Writers
November 14, 2019   


It looks as if the plan to allow service-connected veterans access to military installations may be delayed past the January 1, 2020 start time.  There are reports that DoD officials have major security concerns about a potential onslaught of veterans and caregivers gaining access to military installations.  Also, installation commanders have concerns that the veteran population allowed on their installations may disrupt “normal military culture” in a way that affects morale of active duty service members.


Karen Jowers, from Military Times is reporting that plans to allow access to military installations may be delayed. 











Jowers reports, “With less than two months before a new on-base military shopping benefit is scheduled to roll out to more than 4 million disabled veterans, it appears there may be a delay for some to get the benefit.”


Jowers continues, “The Defense Department has apparently pulled back on a plan that would have allowed access to veterans who are eligible for this benefit, regardless of whether they are eligible for the Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC). A source outside the Pentagon said security concerns have been raised by DoD’s facilities access officials regarding the plan. There’s no information from DoD or VA on a timeline for a solution, and both agencies referred questions to the other agency.”











One plan suggests that during the first visit to the installation, eligible veterans and caregivers must stop at the visitor control center. Depending on the type of installation and the credential presented, the veteran and caregivers may be enrolled for recurring access, so they wouldn’t have to stop at the visitor control center each time they visited in the future.


Stay tuned for more details as this problem is rectified.

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Joseph Lewis, 11/17/19
I am a 40% service connected disable veteran, and I am presently employed at a veterans medical center. I suggest that before a service connect eligible veteran and caregiver be authorize to utilize any military, installation that they must past a background check . maybe this will satisfy the military installations commanders concern about veterans security risk.


Steve Urnowey, 11/16/19
It has never been clear on service connected % that was required. I have heard all types of numbers, Myself I am 60 percent I under stand that they will be reviewing the program at this time whitch makes a good plan there are a lot of us out here.


David Darley, 11/15/19
I have to go through a background check every time I have HazMat put on my CDL license and when I renew my TWIC card. Why not do the access to base the same way. Fill out the form, send it to FBI in Washington in turn they send you a letter stating you are clear then you send the letter and your paper work from the VA to who ever and they send you a sticker for your vehicle or a card to access the base.


Sandra Laramee, 11/14/19

I have been a government employee for longer than I was in the military, which amounts to over 40 years of service. I was a professional non-commissioned officer and understand the apprehension of commanders. Access can be restricted to Exchange Facilities.


William Garrison, 11/14/19
In kind of a way I can understand such, however on the other foot It makes me personally feel like I am not worth much as a veteran, I served with Honor and was discharged honorably and have no criminal record, so with that said I'm not going to deter any morale, security and should not be considered as such a threat being former military. Have a good day.










Gregory Stewart, 11/14/19
Honestly, I anticipated this delayed action would occur prior to veteran's shopping on military installations. I believe it to be absolutely necessary for the security of installations and our country. Snap! Look at the security measures needed to board a plan, a cruise ship, even sporting events.  I encourage veteran's to be patient and begin collecting your proof of auto insurance, VA medical card, valid state ID or passport, global entry access card and social security card. Having documents ready will mean shorter lines at the badge and pass office.


Robert Homeier, 11/14/19

Why not go to visitors center and get a windshield sticker so you would not have to worry.


Lee Enloe, 11/14/19

The usual military? Hurry up and wait?!!!


Wilbur Lee, 11/14/19

What about a 60% disabled veteran?


Stanley Harrison, 11/14/19
You can get most of the same stuff at Sams, Costco or other big box stores for less.

Eugene Kopp, 11/14/19

3 tours to Vietnam and I might be a security risk??? Just the same a retired Vet. This is a load of BS.












Jerry Hess, 11/14/19

For all you vets, remember back when it was difficult for you to get back on the base if you didn't have your ID card? And remember at some bases due to security sensitive areas it wasn't easy to get past security even when you had an ID? I tend to agree with DOD. Even though we will be accessing an innocuous location, just being on the base could raise concerns. So a policy of having every vet want access to pass through a security protocol would be a reasonable request, It might also apply to that base and that facility only as a requirement not all bases. As veteran we of all people should understand.