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VA Staff Will Visit Veterans In Their Homes

By USVCP Staff Writers

July 27, 2018


One of the least talked about aspects of the VA is their mission for outreach.  For those veterans living in rural areas, VA staff will visit veterans in their homes.  Also, veterans who are medically confined to their homes or those veterans who have transportation difficulties, VA staff will take the initiative to visit those veterans away from VA facilities.


Veterans should contact their local Vet Center to have VA staff visit them at their home.  Vet Center staff will provide psychological services for veterans and their family members during normal VA business hours.  Vet Center staff will travel up to 150 miles one way to visit a veteran in their home.















Vet Center Directors (formally Team Leaders) are the keys to getting appointments.  Under special circumstances, some veterans may want to contact Readjustment Counseling Services (RCS) Regional Managers to make arrangements for visits.  Bereavement cases are top priority for the VA, and such instances typically require bereavement counselors to visit with veterans or veterans’ family in their homes.


All veterans will need their DD Form 214 to verify eligibility.