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Q61:  I am 100% totally and permanently disabled service-connected combat veterans.  I have been denied my "one time accessible vehicle grant."  The rule states I must have a loss of use, or loss of limb after my stroke.  I remain wheel chair bound for past 9 years due to hemiplegia on left side.  Cannot move left arm/foot or hand.  Why should they deny when I obviously cannot use these limbs?  

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A1:  The regulation actually states you must have loss of or permanent loss of use of one or BOTH feet. Apparently, your application had something wrong with it. I would reapply paying close attention to the wording of the application. A specific application for financial assistance in purchasing a conveyance is required which must contain a certification by the claimant that the conveyance will be operated only by persons properly licensed.  (AP)  6/15/18