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Q58:  Has melanoma been added to the Agent Orange list of presumptive disabilities?   

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A1:  Yes multiple mylenoma is on the list of presumptive Agent Orange disabilities for Vietnam War veterans who can show they were on the ground in Vietnam or in Thailand, Laos, or in a unit on the demilitarized zone in Korea from 1968 to 1971.  (KG)  6/3/18


A2:  This is a good question. Melanoma and myeloma are different types of cancer. I was treated at the VA in White River Junction Vt. Both times required plastic surgery. My VA Doctor filled out the VA form and even included a printout from the Plastic surgeons association inking Melanoma cancer to Agent Orange exposure but the VA denied my claim. This claim was filed in 2010 and has been at BVA twice. Two weeks ago they sent it back to AMC for further development. File a claim and hopefully they will add this to the presumptive list.  (RM)  7/18/18