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Q53:  I am a disabled Vietnam veteran living in Germany. I am classified as 100% disabled. I am 68 years old and have severe health problems. I would like to know if, after my death, my spouse will continue to receive payments from my disability. Have searched but cannot find anything in that direction. If anyone could help me in any way, I would be grateful.

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A1:  No she will recieve DIC or SBP depending if you are retired military. Yoy can do a google search on VA DIC.  (TB)  5/25/18


A2:  Because you are 100% your wife may qualify for DIC Depending on how long you've been married.  (AP)  5/25/18


A3:   I don't have that answer, but I would also like to know the answer. Thanks!  (EC)  2/28/20


A4:  Call the VA. You will get the right answer call
1 800 827 -1000.  (JP)  6/30/20