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Q51:  I had a request for increased disability rating done, but never received reasoning behind decision. An increase was given to me. It went from 20 percent to 40 percent. I do not believe this increased rating meets the severity of my disability. How can I get answers and address this issue?

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A1:  You should have received a "reason for the decision" letter with the decision letter. If you did not you should contact your regional VA office and have them send you another copy.  (LG)  2/28/20


Contact them for assistance.  (RJ)  6/30/20


A3:  Good luck with correspondence sent to your regional office and getting them to respond. In 14 years dealing with my R.O. I have yet to have them respond to any of my inquiries. I think the letters go right into the shredder.  (DJ)  6/8/21