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Q48: I am 20% service-connected  for bladder cancer from  Camp Lejeune contaminated water.  If bladder cancer becomes presumptive can I file another claim for an increase?  I am in remission but still being treated in case of recurrence.   Currently, I am 70% for PTSD, 20% for bladder  cancer, and 10% for tinnitus.

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A1:  If bladder cancer became presumptive it would not necessarily mean an increase in rating, you still would have to meet the criteria for the increase.  (LG)  2/28/20


A2:  You may file a claim for an increase; but, simply because it may become a presumptive disease doesn't really change the individual rating applied to it. What's more important is that with 3 individual ratings of 70%, 20%, and 10% you should have a combined rating of 80%. At a combined rating of 80% with at least one individual rate of 40% or greater, you can apply for a 100% Individual Unemployability (IU) rating. Whether you will be granted this rating or not will depend upon the doctor's interview with you and his recommendation.  (DL)  10/22/20