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Q47:  I need hearing aids. What do I need to do? I heard that hearing aids were free for vets, is this true?

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A1:   Do you use a V.A. Out-care Patient Clinic? They have a hearing section and i believe you can get free hearing aids, im not 100% sure, but i really think you can get them free my buddy back home got them.  (RA)  3/21/18


A2:  If you are enrolled in the VA healthcare system, then you may be eligible for hearing aids. You have to check with enrollment to be sure.  (AP)  3/21/18


A3:  If you enrolled in the VA system you can get free hear aids. It does not have to be service connected. Just have your primary care provider refer you to audio for consult.  (LTK)  6/3/18