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Q45:  I am a widow of a veteran. After 13 years of appeals my husband was granted 100%. But the last claim which I re-instated after his passing in July of 2016. I received notice in January of 2018 he was granted it back in April of 2016, but it had been overseen as they put in their letter and he was never notified. He died of 3 types of cancer. He was in contact with radiation during his time in service. But not during war time. So my question is, am I not eligible for DIC because he was granted 100% from his 60% he was receiving.

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A1:  It sounds to me like you have a case. I am not sure what disabilities your late husband got from the VA, but it would be advisable for you to see a local VSO to review your paperwork, and if he/she don't know, will be able to get in touch with someone who does know. Hope this helps.  (RC)  3/20/18


A2:   Unfortunately, not. The VA pays from the date you file your claim or the date you establish eligibility, whichever is later.  (AP)  3/21/18


A3:  Appeal!!! Died from service connection...there is talk of being 100% for ten years ,look it up under DIC on va website...they have guidelines right on there.  Good luck sorry for your loss was he Vietnam veteran.  (CD)  3/22/18


A4:  Yes, if he was rated 100% at time of death. Contact your local Service Officer and file an updated claim.  (TB)  5/25/18