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Q36:  I am receiving 20% compensation for hearing loss and have 1 hearing aid. Recently after a new evaluation this month my hearing has worsened and now I qualify for hearing aids for both ears. How can I get an increase for hearing loss?

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A1:  Assuming your hearing loss increase is verified by the VA (VA scheduled & performed) see a VSO for assistance in filing a new claim.  (AD)  3/3/18


A2:  This is a complicated situation you can request an increase for your hearing but only one ear right now is service-connected and hearing has worsened in the other ear but you have to be able to connect that loss to your service if it has been a long time since you got out that may be difficult to do.  (AP)  3/3/18


A3:  Go to your regional office submit your claim that you now have hearing aid for both ear and ask for an increase.  (AD)  3/3/18