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Q2:  I have a rating of 90% but I get paid like a 100% rating. I know I am not supposed to work and I am not. Am I allowed to invest in the stock market and is there a limit?

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A1:  Of course, there is no limit to what you can gain from investment's. The VA has handcuffed you as they do too many Veterans and rather than allowing you to work like others that are rated at a true 100%. They can work and make as much as they want while others, such as yourself have to sit around and be worried about every dime made. Instead of promoting being systemized, they should allow all who are 100% to work. If a sickness or injury precludes you from working, it's will show and be evident in the wages and pattern I'd wages made. So they promote sitting on your ass. Heck, people have to be nervous about even being a volunteer. Shameful.  (MK)  2/10/18


A2:   I am a Senior Veteran Service Representative with the VA Regional Office in Newark NJ. I review disability claims from veterans. About investing your VA compensation money in the stock market, there is nothing I am aware of in the VA regulations to prevent you from doing that. Your money is your money. You can do with it what you want. The only exception I know of is if you have a mental disability rated at 100% , or on a follow up VA examination, a VA doctor gives a medical opinion that you are not competent to manage your financial affairs do to a severe health condition, usually dementia, residuals of Alzheimer's disease or a severe decline in your health which impairs your ability to manage your finances. In those rare cases, the VA may appoint a fiduciary specialist, either from the VA or a family member you designate, to oversee the handling of your VA monetary benefits to meet a veteran's living expenses. Other than that, feel free to invest your money as you wish. Just remember to continue to sign and return the annual VA Form 21-4140 Employment Questionnaire for the next 10 years to maintain your IU staus.  (KG)  6/30/18


A3:  By the way if you are ever rated 100% and by the VA without the IU and you are permanently and totally disabled, the VA does allow you to work. You just cannot work if you have the IU rating that gets you to 100%. And contrary to what what other people might have told you, you can do unpaid volunteer work with IU. If someone does offer to pay you for part-time work, the VA would have no way of knowing that unless you or someone else reported it.   (KG)  6/30/18