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Q2:  I have a rating of 90% but I get paid like a 100% rating. I know I am not supposed to work and I am not. Am I allowed to invest in the stock market and is there a limit?

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A1:  Of course, there is no limit to what you can gain from investment's. The VA has handcuffed you as they do too many Veterans and rather than allowing you to work like others that are rated at a true 100%. They can work and make as much as they want while others, such as yourself have to sit around and be worried about every dime made. Instead of promoting being systemized, they should allow all who are 100% to work. If a sickness or injury precludes you from working, it's will show and be evident in the wages and pattern I'd wages made. So they promote sitting on your ass. Heck, people have to be nervous about even being a volunteer. Shameful.  (MK)  2/10/18