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Q28:  I have a 91 year-old friend who is the widow of Navy veteran who served for over 25 years. How can she get information about possible benefits for her?  

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A1:  She is eligible for benefits if her husband had service-connected conditions that caused his death. If he was not in receipt of VA disability, then she may not be eligible for benefits. Her right to file a claim on his behalf died with him, however.  (AP)  2/25/18


A2:  Contact a service officer from any of the service organizations, I.e., American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disable American Vets, Vietnam Veterans of America, etc.  (DS)  3/3/18


A3:   Not true if she can prove that he died of service-connected cause he did not have to have filed a claim also there is a pension with aid and attendance she can get if she is poor.  (PM)  3/3/18


A4:   First I'd like to thank them for their service. There is a VA Benefits Hotline the number is 800-827-1000. Also there is MyVA411 main info line 800-698-2411 TTY users TTY 711. And I'm available anytime mam and I'll help you.  (PO)  1/25/21