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Q21:  I receive 20% Agent Orange compensation for diabetes. I've been on insulin now for a few years. Other than the insulin use, what else do I need to have my compensation raised?  

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A1:   What other conditions as secondary to diabetes do you have now and are documented. Such as peripheral neuropathy in both legs, upper thighs, calves, feet and toes. Reduced kidney functions and have you had an MRI done on your spine and have degenerative bone and joint disease. Cataracts in both eyes and these are just a few. I had to see outside doctors for found out the VA had diagnosed these but did not tell me I had them just that my back was the same and had not gotten worse which was a lie by the VA doctors. The outside doctor says it could not get any worse but did not pursue the spine and joint condition for now if the VA reduces my rating then may just sue them for their doctors diagnosed it but the VA denied it when they know but I get 90% service connected and 10% unemployability for now anyway. Stopped taking Metformin and my kidney functions improved and within two weeks the VA put me in for a C & P exam. Sent me to a chiropractor for my diabetes that only kept asking if I could work when I am 68 and retired from the Post Office in 2001 on an early retirement offer which I took. Two years later my conditions got worse for with being active did not know how bad they really were so if you can afford it see outside doctors and get a VSO to represent you and after you do that write to your congressman and get them involved to see what the VA says then. The VA hates congressman getting involved for they are the ones that pass the VA budget and with all the things the VA has pulled on veterans over the years they are under a closer watch. Get statements from friends, relatives, ex-military buddies and their conditions they are suffering as well in the units you served in with them. Good Luck and by the way I fought with the VA for about 34 years to get the higher rating so expect a long battle. They have even changed the format for replying to veterans questions so that I do not contact the veterans thru their email addresses this way they can watch what is said and even threatened me for giving out advice saying I could not charge. I never charged just got tired of the screw jobs us veterans were getting where each case is different when some of us have the same conditions and got them serving in the same area. This is so they can deny and get some to drop it and give up when jointly they can not get away with the lies they tell.  (JRM)  2/20/18


A2:   If you check the CFR 38, an increase for diabetes requires insulin use, restricted diet, and restricted activities.  (AP)  2/20/18


A3:   Your increase in Compensation depends on the Service Connected Disabilities and the Claims you filed and had approved. If you were in Vietnam, look up Agent Orange Presumption List of disabilities, then look up Secondary list of disabilities. You have to file the Claims for those Disabilities and Compensation. If approved, you should be entitled to get compesated depending on the outcome of your Disability Rating.  (EC)  4/14/22