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Q18:  Can I claim disability for being stationed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds Edgewood Arsenal Maryland from 1974 to 1976? When human guinea pig testing was being performed at Edgewood Arsenal at the time. Up until today I was under oath to keep silent. I was threatened if you speak about it you would go to jail. There is now a documentary on Edgewood titled a “Bad Trip to Edgewood.” My DD Form 214 places me at Aberdeen Proving Grounds Edgewood Arsenal Maryland during this time. What does anybody think?  

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A1:  Service Connection has little to no locked Gates. Meaning that you were assigned to Aberdeen Proving Grounds by the US Military and if your health changed because of that service, then you should be allowed to seek help and money.   (JK)  2/18/18


A2:  Just being stationed at a post or location does not in itself warrant compensation. You have to have a condition that is due to you being stationed there. Congress has listed some presumptive conditions where you don't have to prove the condition occurred such as certain environmental hazards in Camp Lejeune, Iraq, Vietnam, and during atomic testing. But, you can file if you suffered an ailment and a doctor opinion it is as likely as not, more than likely, or due to service, have reviewed your medical records and provide a medical reason.  (PW)  6/30/18


A3:  What "disability" are you trying to claim? What documentation do you have that you were experimented upon?  (RJ)  4/13/22