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Q16:  I have been turned down three times for disability compensation. I've had my left hip replaced by VA and have bad knees also. I was Airborne for 3 1/2 years while in service and was in the Infantry. I was in service from 1971 to 1979. I have been told, it's not military related. How can that be? 

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A1:  Do your own research by looking up jump masters. They would know first hand all about knee problems from jumping from aircraft and hitting the ground wrong, Talk to doctors and surgeons,, Start with those at the VA.  (JK)  2/15/18


A2:   First can you get any records showing having prior problems in the military or other to make statements to the fact. The VA will always say nothing is related to the military service. They don't care and never will. Even when their own doctors say it is the VA will still deny it and want you to give up trying. The burden of proof is always on you and even with the proof keep at them for if you did not have the problem prior to the military and if you can contact others that served in the same capacity as you are they experiencing the same problems. The VA will not help you get the information but search for others or service members that you served with if they have the same problems and if so get statements. Then write to your congressman and make sure you have a VSO helping you. Welcome to the next war which will probably go on for years the way the VA works. They do anything to save the government money so that the big shots at the VA get their bonus checks.  (JRM)  2/18/18


A3:  You need medical edivence that the problems begin in the military.  (LM)  2/20/18


A4:  Hopefully you have copies of your jump record. You will need a Nexus letter from a Doctor stating in his medical opinion your problems are "more likely than not" a result of your MOS. Have someone like the DAV do your claim. I would have them do it as a C.U.E. (clear unmistakable error).  (TC)  3/3/18


A5:  I suspect they said your exit physical did not mention the problem.


If you have your jump log, this will be the first step in appealing the denial.


Did you ever have a bad jump? Was it documented?


These are all issues you should discuss with a certified VSO.  (RJ)  4/13/22