Homeless Veterans


VA provides comprehensive medical, psychological and rehabilitation treatment for eligible homeless veterans and conducts homeless outreach such as community-based “stand downs” to help homeless veterans.  Many VA benefits, including disability comprehension, pension and education can help at-risk veterans avoid homelessness.


Other programs for homeless veterans include residential rehabilitation services at VA domiciliaries, therapeutic group homes, and contract residential care.  For assistance, contact the nearest VA medical facility.


VA also provides grant and per diem funds to community agencies providing services to homeless veterans.  The grant program pays up to 65 percent of the cost of construction, renovation, or acquisition of a building for use as service center or transitional housing for homeless veterans, or for the purchase of vans for transporting homeless veterans.  The per diem provides funding for operational costs.  Call 877.332.0334 for more assistance.


The Department of Labor provides employment and training services, as well as grants to community organizations that provide counseling, job search and placement assistance, remedial education and on-the-job training for homeless veterans.  Call 202.693.4700 for more assistance.