Will my records be stored online?


A.  No.  All records are stored in our climate controlled service facility, in a locked fireproof, collapseproof, and blastproof vault.



How do I request to have my service medical records sent to my Veteran Service Officer (VSO)?


A.  Using your membership I.D. and password, logon on to the RAD service area and request your records.



My civilian doctor wants an enormous amount of money to have my records copied and mailed to me.  Can you same me money by getting my records?


A.  Yes. Simply logon to the RAD secure area and complete the request form where you want us to request your records from.



My Vet Center counselor will only provides me with progress notes of our sessions.  Can you get more data?


A.  Yes.  Once you place a request for records from a specific Vet Center, we can get your assessment, treatment plan and progress notes.



How much does your service cost?


A.  We only charge a $3.00 monthly maintenance fee.  Charges are deducted from your credit/debit card the first of every month.  All credit/debit is processed using our secure PayPal processing service.



What if I don’t have credit/debit card.  How can I pay you?


A.  We can bill you monthly.



Do you require a Release of Information form to be signed?


A.  Yes.  Once you enroll in the RAD program, we will mail you an enrollment packet that consists of ten (10) release forms, ten (10) membership cards and other important documents you need.



I have requested my service medical records from NPRC.  They informed me it would take 3-6 months to get them.  Can you provide me my records sooner?


A.  Yes.  At your request, we can either fax or mail your records to you.  We can fax same day.  If mailed to you, it usually takes 3-4 business days for a veteran to get their records.



I just separated from the military.  How do I get my records to you for storage?


A.  Several ways.  If you have copies of your records, you can fax or mail them to us.  If you do not have your records, complete the online request form and we will request your records from NPRC.



Can you get my records from the VA?


A.  Yes.  Complete the online request form and we will request your records from the VA your designate.



Can I cancel services with you?


A.  Yes. You can cancel any time.



What happens to my records if I cancel services?


A.  If a member cancels services, their records are shredded within 30 days.



Do you store dependent records?


A.  Yes. Our services are for military service members and their dependents.



Who has access to my records at your company?


A.  Only our Records Management Specialist (RMS) have access to your records.  All RMS personnel have been cleared through extensive background clearances and have been trained to manage records requiring the highest level of security.



Can you get a copy of my DD form 214?


A.  Yes.  Logon to the RAD secure area and complete the appropriate form for the request.



Will my civilian doctor send you copies of my appointments with him?


A.  Civilian doctors will require you to sign a Release of Information.  Use the release forms sent to you in your enrollment packet.  Sign and provide to your doctor.



I ran out of release forms.  How can I get more?


A.  Logon to the secure RAD area, go to forms and download the form you need.  All forms are in PDF format.



The VA informed me that my service medical records are located at my last duty station.  Can you get a copy of those records?


A.  Yes.  Logon to the RAD secure area and complete the appropriate form for the request.



My civilian doctor has not responded to VA request for my records.  Can you get them?


A.  Yes. We have been successful in many cases of securing records from civilian medical practitioners when the VA could not.



How many times can I request to have my records faxed or mailed to various organizations?


A.  As many as you want.  As long as you are a verified member in the RAD

program, we will send record requests to whomever you want, wherever you want.



What type of information can you send to my cell phone?


A.  With member’s pre-authorization, we can text certain types of data to include, but not limited to: Rx drugs prescribed; diagnoses; when to take specific drugs; doctor recommendations; addresses; phone numbers of certain care providers, etc.



Why would I use your program?  My records are stored at NPRC and I have my own copy.


A.  The RAD system is a centralized data retrieval program.  Due to military service and possibly your participation in Veterans Affairs (VA), your records are scattered in many different places.  Our system allows access to many different records in one location.  Additionally, we can provide copies of your records to providers much quicker than bureaucratic layers.  Also, we have been extremely successful in locating lost, stolen, or misplaced service records than most government agencies.  To date, we have never lost records or provided records to anyone not authorized to have them. 



Can I store my property deed in the RAD system?


A.  Yes. We will store all legal, medical, psychiatric and dental records.



Will you fax a DD Form 214 to a funeral home for verification for military honors?


A.  Yes.  Next of kin designated on enrollment form has authorization to make request.



Will you send my records to my social security claims rep?


A.  Yes.  Based upon your request method, we can either fax or mail documents.