U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs Announces Discovery of More Compensable Programs and Conditions for U.S. Veterans


HOUSTON, TX (September 26, 2008) – In this age of “Information,” still, too many veterans of the Armed Forces are missing out on benefits they have earned and are eligible in receiving.  According to Rance Jurevwicz, Marketing Coordinator for U.S. Veteran Compensation Program, “The Internet has helped many veterans become aware of their benefits.  However, the information is too scattered, and the Internet is too vast to make sense of what a veteran may find.”


U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs is a veteran service organization that researches all available programs that are compensable for veterans.  They track, compile, and distribute all programs that are available to U.S. veterans.


“Everyday the government releases information on programs that our veterans can benefit from.  We make sure they find out about the programs in an accurate, concise, and easy to find manner,” states Mr. Jurevwicz.


To date, U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs has helped more than 30,000 veterans secure benefits.  Also, they were the first organization to announce that amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is considered a presumptive compensable condition.


About U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs:


Launched in March 2007, U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs researches and distributes compensable benefits information to U.S. veterans.  Also, they are a major conduit for free services available to veterans.



Beth Ann McGruder

U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs


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