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Thank you for your interest in U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs (USVCP). All email sent to us is always read, but may not be replied to. How to best reach the appropriate party at USVCP?                                     
Submit an online resource for consideration in the USVCP. Examples of resources are Web sites, online support groups, compensation questions, stories of inspiration in pursuing benefits, etc. (All resources are first reviewed by our Resource Editor for appropriateness.)


Submit an article for publication on our site.    
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Submit a book or product for our review. Please send a review copy to the address listed below, care of Dr. Stanley Porter.                  
If you have a question about compensation, benefits, or pension, please read the PSP (Problem Solving Program) and use our search engine to see if we may have already provided the answer you're seeking on the site.                 
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U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs
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We do not answer personal queries by phone.  All the information that we have about compensation, benefits, and pension is available on USVCP. We're sorry, but we do not provide personal consultations or advice on benefits claims, compensation, pension or any issue not covered by those previously mentioned.

We do not accept electronic legal notices.

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