Nursing Home Care


VA limited provides nursing home services to veterans through three national programs:  VA owned and operated nursing homes, state veterans’ homes owned and operated by states, and the community nursing home program.  Each program has admission and eligibility criteria specific to the program.


VA Nursing Homes:  VA owned and operated nursing homes typically admit patients requiring short-term care, in need of placement for a service-connected disability, to those who have 70 percent or greater service-connected disability.  All others are based on available resources.


State Veterans’ Home Program:  The state veterans’ home program is a cooperative venture between the states and VA whereby the states petition VA for matching construction grants and once granted, VA pays a portion of the per diem.  States establish eligibility criteria for short and long term care.  Specialized services offered are dependent upon the capability of the home to render them.


Community Nursing Home Program:  VA maintains contracts with community nursing homes through every VA medial center.  The purpose if this program is to meet the nursing home needs of veterans who require long-term nursing home care in their community, close to their families.